Geraldine James

Geraldine James may have lived the spinster life of Marilla Cuthbert on Anne with an E, but her life offscreen pales in comparison. In reality, the actress has been married for more than three decades.

Geraldine James’s Career and Net Worth

Despite a difficult childhood, Geraldine pursued her dreams, despite the fact that her father did not support her career as an actor until she won her first BAFTA. James’ father then wrote her a letter, proud of her accomplishment.

After graduating from Drama Centre London, James worked as a repertory actor before landing her first on-screen role as Shirley Glass in The Sweeney: Pay Off in 1976. Geraldine later graced the world of acting with more appearances in films and television, including The History Man, Blott on the Landscape, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Gandhi, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Meanwhile, James is well-known for her portrayal of Marilla Cuthbert in Lucy Maud Montgomery’s book adaptation of Anne with an E, in which she co-starred Amybeth McNulty, Lucas Jade Zumann, Corrine Koslo, and Dalila Bela. And, despite having a net worth of more than $500,000, James isn’t materialistic or likes to brag about her wealth.

Geraldine James
Caption: Geraldine James (source: IMDb)

Geraldine James is married to Joseph Blatchley.

The Band of Gold alum, then an aspiring actress, joined Drama Centre London in the early 1970s to pursue a career in the field. Geraldine met her future husband right there at the prestigious institute. Their love story, however, did not begin immediately.

While James was in his first year, she met a guy named Joseph Blatchley, who was two years her senior and in his third year at Drama Centre London. And, unlike in the previous story, Geraldine and Joseph did not fall in love at first sight. In fact, the Downtown Abby actress thought Joseph, who went on to become an actor and a theatre director, was a snob and arrogant.

James graduated in 1973, and it was fate that brought them together a few years later. The rest of the story is history. According to IMDb, thirteen years later, in 1986, James and Blatchley, whom she describes as a funny and nice man, walked down the aisle. James and Blatchley are still together after more than thirty years.

Aside from their love of food and travel, James believes that laughter and friendship are the keys to their happy marriage. Not only is Joseph her husband, but he is also James’ best friend, with whom she can discuss anything and share any of her secrets.

They also have a daughter named Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Blatchley. The three-person family resides in London.

James was blessed with one child, but he desired more.

Geraldine became pregnant with Ellie when she was thirty-three years old. The couple had intended to have children. Ellie was born at St. Thomas as the world’s first naturally born child. And, buoyed by her success as Sarah Layton in The Jewel in the Crown, James didn’t work for the next eighteen months after Ellie was born.

Ellie, who is now in her thirties, graduated from Manchester University, where she studied anthropology. She is now the mother of her own child, a son named Ferdie. Geraldine enjoys posting pictures of her grandchildren on social media.

Geraldine and Joseph both want their daughter to be self-sufficient. Ellie even spent several months doing charity work in India. During her visit to India, Geraldine and her husband paid a visit to their daughter and took her to the house in Shimla where the actress stayed while filming.

Geraldine, on the other hand, desired more children. The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actress and her partner even sought help from doctors, who kept giving them silly advice like drinking milk and not drinking it. The actress eventually grew tired of it. But it was too late by the time James realized what was going on. She was in her fifties and far too old for IVF or adoption.

Geraldine James
Caption: Geraldine James and her husband Joseph Blatchley (source: Getty Images)

A Difficult Childhood As A Result Of An Alcoholic Mother

Geraldine’s parents divorced when she was only fourteen years old. James’ mother was an alcoholic who was admitted and discharged from the hospital on a regular basis. It was her alcoholism that caused her mother and father, both of whom were doctors by profession, to divorce.

With an alcoholic mother who spent most of her days in the hospital, James and her siblings often spent Christmas alone at home, with no one to cook them food. The on-screen Queen Mary had a brother and a sister named Caroline James, who died of cancer.

James’ mother, on the other hand, spent the last ten years of her life sober after receiving treatment at Alcoholics Anonymous. Her mother and childhood stories also inspired James to become a patron of the National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA). NACOA is a charitable organization that provides lifelines to children.

Aside from having only one child, Geraldine does not want to be a burden to Ellie when she grows old.

Geraldine James Interesting Facts

  • Downe House, a girls’ boarding school, was where she received her education.
  • James enjoys online shopping as well as playing the piano at home.
  • She considers late actress Dame Peggy Ashcroft to be her mother, with whom she was close until her death.
  • In 1989, James and Ashcroft shared the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival for She’s Been Away.
  • Was a heavy smoker who consumed 40 cigarettes per day.
  • To stay fit and healthy, she enjoys walking and doing Pilates.
  • Every day, she spends ten minutes doing headspace meditation to calm her overactive mind.
  • For her husband Joseph’s 60th birthday, she took him to Russia.

Quick facts:

Date of Birth :
Age : 71 years old
Family Name : James
Birth Country : United Kingdom
Birth Sign : Cancer
Height : 5 Feet 6 Inch


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