Gianni Giannulli

Table of Bio/Wiki

Gianni Giannuli is a well-known California businessman and the son of Mossimo Giannulli, the world’s most prolific fashion designer. He is the son of his father’s first wife and the owner of The Smart Co.

Furthermore, as the son of a successful fashion icon, he took a different path than his father and became involved in the food industry, founding Smart Co, which is renowned for producing Smart tarts, which are toaster pastries that contain 50% less sugar.

Gianni Giannulli- Net worth

The estimated net worth of Gianni is $500 thousand. He earns from his company The Smart Co. Likewise, he has a black car.

His father has an estimated net worth of $80 million. Similarly, his stepmother has a net worth of $20 million.

His father and stepmother kept their Los Angeles mansion for $35 million in 2017. Back in 2014, they kept their Aspen, Colorado home for sale for $8.9 million which later sold in July 2015 for $7.6 million.

Rumors and Controversy

Giannulli has not been part of any rumor and controversy. But his father and step-mother were arrested on 12th March 2019. They were arrested in connection with their alleged involvement in a nationwide college entrance exam cheating scandal. It was regarding the admission to USC.

Mossimo and Lori were released after paying $1 million. After his father was released he arrived at the Loughlin home. He was photographed visiting his father.

Gianni Giannulli- Professional career

Gianni is the founder of The Smart Co. This company bridges the gap between the fuel of body need and indulgent treat. In the year 2019, he introduced the world to a protein toaster pastry with all of the nostalgic indulgences.

Their product Smart Tart is packed with 8 gm of protein per tart, Smart Tarts have 50% less sugar than the average toaster pastry.

Gianni Giannulli: 10 Facts

  1. Gianni Giannulli is a California businessman who owns the smart Co., a company that makes breakfast toaster pastries.
  2. He was born in California, although no information about his birth date is available at this time; he appears to be in his late thirties.
  3. He does not seem to have a wiki biography, but his father and stepmother do.
  4. He is the owner of a business that makes breakfast toaster pastries, and his net worth is estimated to be about $500,000.
  5. In terms of his personal life, no details about him dating anyone is available, and he is believed to be single.
  6. However, despite the fact that we all know he is the son of Mossimo Giannulli, little is known about his birth mother.
  7. His stepmother, Lori Loughlin, is a well-known actress, and he has two half-sisters, Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade.
  8. Moving on to his physical characteristics, he stands tall with his respectable height and well-kept body, although no exact figures are visible.
  9. He seems to be disconnected from the modern world, as he uses no social networking platforms and avoids all forms of media.
  10. His father and stepmother were arrested in early 2019 and accused of being involved in a college entrance exam cheating scandal that swept the world, with his father being bailed out for $1 million.

Facts of Gianni Giannulli

Name Gianni Giannulli
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Profession Businessman
Parents Mossimo Giannulli
Siblings Isabella and Olivia (half-sisters)
Net Worth $500

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