Harriet Tubman to be on silver dollar, half dollar, gold coins by 2024

Soon, you’ll start noticing Harriet Tubman’s image on your currency. With the assistance of several Ohio historians, work on coins honoring the abolitionist is progressing.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati has been preparing for it for the past two years, but the design hasn’t been unveiled yet.

As part of her duties, Stephanie Lampkin researches the life of Harriet Tubman.

“Her life really is a symbol of determination, bravery,” said Lampkin.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s curator, Lampkin, is in charge of the museum’s displays.

She said that it’s crucial to demonstrate how Harriet Tubman obtained freedom, assisted other former slaves in doing the same, and carried on with her purpose afterward.

“Moving on to become a scout, and a nurse and a cook in the union army during the Civil War and finally towards the end of her life when she opened her home in New York as a nursing home,” said Lampkin.

The president of the Freedom Center, Woody Keown, intends to capture that in a series of coins.

“It’s gonna be a commemorative coin, there will be a silver dollar. A half dollar, and there will be a gold coin,” said Keown.

He was a member of a commission that provided the government with historical data for the currency designs.

“We want them to consider that she was a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted leader,” said Keown.

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“It’s gonna be all original. In fact, the process and the laws require that for a coin of this nature, it be all original, can’t even use existing art or anything,” said Keown.

After Congress put a ten-year wait on replacing former President Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 note, they began production on the coins in 2020.

“I think some people may have felt we might be able to get this coin done faster. And we’re gonna prove them right,” said Keown.

The coins honoring Harriet Tubman were just approved by lawmakers. But they will only be available as commemorative collectibles in time for her 200th birthday. Along with the coins, the Freedom Center will also be lecturing about it.

“We learn from the example of people like Harriet Tubman through her words. And her action and her faith, and it’s that spirit that we want the capture,” said Lampkin.

In the next six months, the official coin design is anticipated to be unveiled. And by 2024, you’ll be able to purchase one of those Harriet Tubman coins.

According to the president of the Freedom Center, just one year’s worth of Harriet Tubman coins will be produced, so you’ll only be able to purchase one in 2024.