Hayden Byerly

An actor’s job is to portray a character convincingly, but that same conviction can lead to them becoming the victim of various rumors.

Hayden Byerly, who played a gay character on the TV show The Fosters, became the youngest gay couple to share a same-sex kiss.

Various rumors circulated about Hayden’s sexuality, but he had a girlfriend to quell the gay rumors and was in a happy relationship with her.

Net worth of Hayden Byerly

Hayden Byerly is a Actor and an estimated net worth is $12 million from his career.

Onscreen Gay; Actress Girlfriend’s Dating Life

The fact that Hayden had to come forward to address gay rumors explains his success as an actor and the influence of his gay character. During a Twitter chat, one of his fans inquired whether he was gay in real life as well. In response to the question, Hayden clarified,

“In real life, I’m straight, and Jude isn’t sure if he’s gay or not.”

Hayden later began dating his actress girlfriend, Alyssa Jirrels, in December 2015. The couple took their first trip together to San Francisco and even traveled to Vancouver.

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Furthermore, the couple’s pictures from their trip heightened their affection for one another.

Hayden Byerly getting cozied with girlfriend Alyssa Jirrels (Photo: Hayden Byerly’s Instagram)

While Hayden’s actress girlfriend was away on a project, all he could do was look at her pictures and miss her.

Furthermore, the couple demonstrated their support for the LGBT community by marching in the Pride Parade in June 2016.

Hayden Byerly, girlfriend Alyssa Jirrels supporting LGBT (Photo: Hayden Byerly’s Instagram)

Furthermore, on the occasion of their one-year anniversary, Hayden sent a heartfelt message to his ex-girlfriend and revealed that Alyssa is his first love in December 2016. He stated, ”

“I’m not sure where to begin or what I need to thank you for, but I just want to say I love you. My life has changed dramatically in the last year. I’ve been through a lot and dealt with a lot, and I’m not sure I’d be here if you hadn’t helped me. It all started in a small town in San Francisco last winter, and it was one of the best weeks of my life. It’s all because I spent every day with you doing things. You’re my teacher, best friend, and, most importantly, my first love. You inspire me to live my life for many years and do many things, and I hope I get to do it all with you. Shawty, I adore you.”

Hayden also wished her girlfriend Valentine’s Day in 2017, but it appeared to be the young couple’s final Valentine’s Day. Their relationship couldn’t last long, and they eventually split up without making much of a fuss. Following the breakup, Alyssa began dating TV actor Dawson Fletcher.

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She confirmed her relationship with Dawson by posting a series of photos with her new boyfriend on Instagram. While Alyssa has moved on from her two-year relationship with Hayden, Hayden also shares the photo with Izabela Vidvoic, whom he refers to as his “best friend.”

Furthermore, Hayden is not dating anyone, but it’s difficult to believe that a good-looking boy, who flaunted his body by going shirtless in the second season of The Forsters, is still single. But who knows, he could be dating secretly.

Parents Are Concerned About Their Younger Sibling’s Driving

Hayden was born on October 11, 2000, in Lakewood, Colorado. In terms of siblings, he is the first child of his parents and has a younger brother.

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Hayden, who stands at 1.8 meters (5 feet and 11 inches), tweeted about parents’ concerns when their children learn to drive and shared his parents’ reaction as,

Do you know how your parents can be stressed when you first start driving? Mine just screamed and told me to pull over because there was a spider in the car.

Hayden moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to pursue his acting career after winning an acting competition. The talented actor is best known today for his roles in Parenthood, The Fosters, 11/11/11, Sofia the First, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Hayden Byerly Facts & Wiki

Birth Date 10-10-2000
Heritage/origin American
Ethnicity White
Religion – believes in God? Non-religious
Residence He lives with his parents in Los Angeles, California, United States.
Estimated Net Worth 12 million Dollar
Yearly Salary N/A
Highest Grossing Movies 11/11/11
Hair color Light brown
Hair type Straight
Hair Length short hair
Hairstyle urban
Distinct feature Cheekbones
Skin Tone/Complexion Type II: Fair skin
Skin Type Normal
Beard or Mustache Beardless
Eye Color Dark Brown


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