Heather Yourex West

The challenges and pains of journalism aren’t for everyone. Heather Yourex West worked tirelessly for decades to build a successful journalism career. Her introduction wouldn’t be complete without stating that she’s a Global News digital journalist and Alberta reporter. She’s contributed to all Global News platforms, including Global National’s Prairies coverage. Today, we look at Heather Yourex-life, West’s net worth, and work.

Heather Yourex Fortune West’s

Heather Yourex-work West’s at Global News is financially solid. Award-winning journalist earns a lot at the network. Yourex-West has $500,000 in July 2020. Heather Yourex-net West’s worth will soon hit $1 million because to her age. The TV personality receives $46,844 per year, the average compensation of a GNN journalist. She never considered money her incentive for working in media.

Career Heather Yourex West

Heather Yourex-West worked for decades to become Global News’ Alberta Correspondent and Network Digital Journalist. She joined the network in 2018, but she previously covered health for Global Calgary for ten years.

Yourex-West helped produce a special series on Canada’s upcoming medical assistance in dying law in late 2015, which won an International Edward R. Murrow award and a Canadian Screen Award nomination. In 2008, she helped a tiny NGO develop videos about the AIDS pandemic and orphan problem.

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Heather Yourex-Private West’s Life

Heather Yourex-personal West’s life is more private than her career. She enjoys spending time with her husband, David West. The journalist didn’t say when or how she met her husband. The loving couple has two gorgeous daughters.

Heather Yourex-West is the wife of David West. Source: Instagram

Yourex-West works a lot, yet she tries to spend time with her family. She posts Instagram photos with them. Heather hides her history and family. She studied broadcasting at the University of Calgary and SAIT.