Ian Cylenz Lee – Musician, Songwriter | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career

Quick Facts

Full Name Ian Cylenz Lee
Marital Status Married
Spouse Kandyse McClure
Profession Musician, Songwriter
Net worth $1 Million
Updated 2023

Musician and songwriter Ian Cylenz Lee is a key member of BlakGold Production. Lee has composed a lot of songs and produced music for the production out of his love for music.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Ian is well-known for being the spouse of actress Kandyse McClure from Virgin Rivers. Even though Lee would rather keep a modest profile, his public marriage and career make him a public figure.

How much is the Net worth of Ian Cylenz Lee?

Like Solveig Karadottir, Ian Cylenz Lee is a millionaire with a net worth of at least $1 million. One of the main factors in BlakGold Productions’ success, he has been a songwriter and music producer since 2014. Lee used to be an operating manager at Gsuss Industries in Toronto, Canada, before this.

Kandyse McClure and her husband Ian Cylenz Lee on vacation.
Kandyse McClure and her husband Ian Cylenz Lee on vacation. Source: Instagram @kandysemcclure

In a similar vein, his spouse Kandyse McClure has accumulated a b net worth through her prosperous acting career. Ian lives a prosperous life in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his spouse Kandyse. Without rent, the average cost of living in Vancouver is about $5,000 for two people.

The married couple, Lee and McClure, have not disclosed their real estate endeavors. In a similar vein, neither of the two has revealed their financial investment strategies. It is known, meanwhile, that Lee’s spouse, Kandyse, collaborates with CARE Canada to combat poverty in the world’s poorest nations. Perhaps the musician participates in charitable work as well.

Early Years and Education

Although Ian Cylenz Lee, the spouse of Kandyse McClure, was born on March 22, 1980, his exact birthday is unknown. Like Danuel Pipoly, the famous spouse has kept details of his personal life extremely quiet.

Since Ian has kept his parents’ identities a secret, he hasn’t interfered with their privacy either. The majority of the musician’s early life history is unknown, while it is known that Lee earned a degree in environment design from Toronto, Canada’s OCAD University.

Kandyse McClure and Ian Cylenz Lee | Married Life

Indeed, Ian Cylenz Lee and actress Kandyse McClure have a happy marriage. In December 2012, while visiting her parents in South Africa, Ian proposed to her then-girlfriend Kandyse. Following McClure’s acceptance of Lee’s proposal, the couple said their vows in private. The couple has not disclosed the date of their nuptials.

Ian Cylenz Lee and his wife Kandyse McClure at the beach.
Ian Cylenz Lee and his wife Kandyse McClure at the beach. Source: Instagram @kandysemcclure

Ian and Kandyse are not afraid to show off their love relationship on social media, even if they are keeping details of their wedding private. Actress McClure, who starred in the film Love, Guaranteed, shared a video of herself and her husband Lee cuddling and wrote:

Every day is ❤️ day with you baby 💋

The goal of Ian and his spouse is to promote South African culture globally. In an interview with News 24, actress Kandyse made that statement.

Lee and his wife McClure have not yet had a child together. However, Riley’s proud uncle and aunt are them.

Ian Cylenz Lee Is Yet To Give Solos

Despite being a musician and songwriter, Ian Cylenz, the spouse of Kandyse McClure, has not yet released any solo music. He is employed with BlakGold Productions.

Who is the Wife of Ian Cylenz?

Although Kandyse McClure was born in Durban, South Africa, she later relocated to Canada to pursue her education. West Vancouver Secondary School was her school of choice. When McClure first appeared on screen, she was 19 years old. Her captivating beauty and exceptional acting ability drew large crowds.

Kandyse’s IMDb biography lists 74 acting credits to date. In the category of Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Feature Length Drama, she received a nomination for the 2010 Leo Awards.

Ian Cylenz Lee's wife Kandyse McClure is an actress.
Ian Cylenz Lee’s wife Kandyse McClure is an actress. Source: Instagram @kandysemcclure

In a similar vein, Ian’s spouse received a 2019 African Movie Academy Award nomination in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category. Among Mcclure’s well-known films and television shows include Carrie, Ghost Wars, Virgin Rivers, Battlestar Galactica, and so on.

Body Stats: Height and Weight

Despite being of normal height, Ian Cylenz Lee stands taller than his wife Kandyse McClure, who is 5 feet 1 inch. He’s bald and frequently dons a cap when he goes out. Lee’s wife is likewise endowed with grace. Many have wondered if McClure wears contact lenses or if her stunning hazel eyes are real.

Did You Know Ian Cylenz Lee Has An Interest In Cooking?

A man who can prepare meals for her is what every woman desires. Kandyse McClure is fortunate in this regard because her husband Ian Cylenz Lee is a talented chef. Yes, the actress McClure from Battlestar Galactica shared some videos of Ian cooking and wearing an apron. He was also observed getting ready to grill.

Ian Cylenz Lee in apron ready to prepare delicious meals.
Ian Cylenz Lee in an apron ready to prepare delicious meals. Source: Instagram @kandysemcclure

Social Media Profile

Is Ian Cylenz Lee, like his spouse Kandyse McClure, a social butterfly? Actually, he is the total opposite, keeping a modest profile on social media.

Ian has 500 followers on Instagram under the handle @claureninne. In a similar vein, he uses LinkedIn. In relation to Kandyse, she boasts more than 300,000 Instagram followers. She continuously adds details about her life to it.

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