Ian Ewing

Ian Ewing is a singer born in the United States of America. He’s been a music lover from a young age and a self-taught instrumentalist.

He began his career around 2013 and has only released one album so far. His new song, Recovery, was released on September 16, 2020. Acting in music for a long time, he has been able to collaborate with a variety of well-known artists of the industry and has earned quite a lot of recognition with his career.

10 Ian Ewing Facts

  1. Ian Ewing has not yet announced the specifics of his birthday. At present, though, it appears to be about 25 years of age.
  2. He began his career at SoundCloud and released his first track “Untitled 6-24” around 2012.
  3. As mentioned above, only one album has been released so far. This album, titled Lakehouse, has a total of 10 songs and was released in July 2019.
  4. Ian Ewing’s Instagram is under the “ianewing music” username. Currently, he has 7.8K followers and has posted more than 300 posts so far.
  5. Ian Ewing’s girlfriend and now she’s got the name “clatinka” on Instagram. They’ve been dating for a year now, and they appear to be in love a lot.
  6. His YouTube channel started in April 2016 and currently has 1,57 subscribers. He’s putting his music videos, audios, and samples on this channel.
  7. So far, he has worked with artists such as Sara Diamond, Naji, Virginia Palms, Sol Mechanic, and several others.
  8. The net value of Ian Ewing has not yet been revealed to the media. But as an experienced musician who has recorded a variety of songs and collaborated with a number of well-known bands, he has to earn a comfortable amount of income.
  9. He launched his music on sites including Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, and more.
  10. While Ian Ewing does not have a Wikipedia profile, you can find information about him on his official website.

Facts of Ian Ewing

Name Ian Ewing
Age 25
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musical Artist
Married/Single Married
Instagram @ianewingmusic
Twitter @IanDigsHummus
Youtube Ian Ewing
Facebook @ianewingmusic