Imjasmine is a streamer with a female twitch. She’s a popular streamer who plays live streaming games, as well as videos of herself interacting with her fans and followers. She’s a famous name on the internet today with her love and devotion.

On her twitch page, we can see her playing games, talking with her fans, and showing off her incredible gaming skills. Many of her fans and followers are fond of what she’s doing, and she’s really helped her a lot.

Jasmine is still very grateful to have people’s love and support, and she tries even harder to keep her fans and supporters happy. Now, from this post, all of her fans will know a lot of the facts about her and her lifestyle.

10 Facts about Imjasmine:

1. Imjasmine is a popular twitch streamer and popular web star who loves a hundred thousand people.
2. While the real name of Imjasmine is Jasmine, her last name is still uncertain. It is understood from her twitch that she is 25 years old.
3. Likewise, the nationality is not considered to be Vietnamese in ethnicity.
4. And she’s currently based in Canada.
5. Jasmine has been quiet about her life in love. But it’s not yet known if she’s had a boyfriend or not.
6. Jasmine’s official twitch is imjasmine, followed by 117 thousand users.
7. Much like her twitch account on her Instagram, 23,4 thousand people follow her and she’s nicknamed Realimjasmine.
8. Her fans can link to her via Youtube as well. She’s still on Youtube under the same.
9. On her Insta Profile, she listed that she sucks pictures and also mentioned that she’s live-streaming her entire life on the online site.
10. Jasmine enjoys diving, and she loves the beach.

Facts of Imjasmine

Name Imjasmine
Age 25
Gender Female
Profession Twitch Streamer
Instagram realimjasmine
Youtube imjasmine