IP Cam Video from Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic Exposes 30 Women, including Celebrities

The event happened earlier this week. The person who supplied the clinic footage titled the five days of content “Plastic Surgery IP Cam.”

The incident Gangnam Plastic Surgery Case has gotten a lot of attention in the worldwide media. Furthermore, the entire public is keen to understand who was responsible. In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at the incident.

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Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video Leaked : Check Here

Last week, 31 movies totaling 1.5 GB of data were released, according to the news report. Leaked IP camera footage from the end of February.

The footage allegedly showed doctors and plastic surgeons entering and exiting the room, as well as patients changing their clothes and receiving therapy.

Gangnam Plastic Surgery
The Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic leaked films contain at least five days of data from late February. (Image courtesy of CIP Blog)

The matter is presently being handled by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cyber investigative department. They are looking into internet protocol camera video.

As of this writing, no victims have been identified, and police are investigating the issue further. Furthermore, no suspects have been apprehended by the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

Leaked Footage Was Suspected To Be From Changing Room

In addition to the IP camera videos that were already widely circulated, many people were taken aback by the clip, which was taken in a changing room.

On March 7, it was suspected that footage filmed in the plastic surgery clinic’s changing area and ECG room (where one must remove their top) had been leaked.

The clinic was investigated on-site by police to see whether the dressing room in the clinic’s dubious cosmetic plastic surgery center was the same as the one in the leaked footage.

The officials told the public that they were gathering evidence in order to assess the damage. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency also works with the Ministry of Gender Equality and the Korea Communications Standard Commission to prevent the films from being distributed further.

Gangnam's Case
The leaked footage of the Gangnam plastic surgery facility aroused more concerns about the presence of a camera in the changing room. (Image Via: Koreaboo)

Furthermore, the patient’s permission enables for video recording in the treatment and surgical rooms. It is also intended to prevent medical errors. However, filming videos in the locker room is officially and legally prohibited.

In response to the suspicion, the clinic stated that the dressing room has a separate, locked space, and female patients are notified about it if necessary.

A video captured by an IP camera inside the hospital’s treatment area recently went viral online in a similar situation. Among the many women affected by the video release were top singers and actors.

How Did The Gangnam Plastic Surgery IP Cam Footage Leak? What Is An IP Camera?

An internet protocol (IP) camera is a digital security camera that delivers data via an IP network. These cameras do not require a recording device, only the Internet, making them more vulnerable to hacking.

CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) cameras can only be viewed by people who have camera equipment because CCTVs are not connected to the outside Internet. However, IP cameras are linked to devices over the Internet.

They are vulnerable to data breaches and hackers. The instance is most certainly the work of a hacker. But we’ll have to wait and see what more research reveals in the following days.