James Guy

James Guy is a talented athlete, a swimmer. He has competed for both domestically and globally. He was also represented by Great Britain at the Olympics.

James specializes in 200 – 400 meters in freestyle swimming. He can even athletically execute a butterfly in steady motion for 100m unscathed.

10 The Truth Of James Man

  1. James Guy was born in England, UK. On November 26, the 24-year-old athlete marks his very year.
  2. By virtue of his birthright, James Guy promulgates that he is of British nationality. At such a young age, he is willing to represent his whole country by his prowess.
  3. Guy’s popularity precedes him. He is also one of the most famous individuals born in 1995 according to FamousBirthdays.
  4. James is of tall stature. Its height is officially reported to be over 6 foot 2 inches. He’s 83kg in weight so he’s very flexible on the water.
  5. Being such a young and impressive personality, he’s got his well-deserved profile page on Wikipedia. We will also locate his bio at other bio pages.
  6. It is confirmed that his new partner, Courtney Antrobus, is dating back to 2020. She serves as Program Planner and oversees a number of activities.
  7. His fans could track James on his official Instagram profile @james.g.guy. While he is preponderant on Instagram, he has a good number of followers on his Account @Jimbob95goon.
  8. On Facebook, James Guy is known as a sportsman. Its official Facebook profile is @jimmy.guy.9.
  9. James is the 4×200 Swim Relay Olympic World Champion. He also holds a silver medal in the 400m freestyle swimming event.
  10. The game was born to his father, Andrew, and his mother, Cath Man. Like himself, his pal, Luke Man, is also a swim expert. In Crewe, he owns his own swimming club.

Facts of James Guy

Name James Guy
Birthday November 26, 1995
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 83 Kg
Nationality British
Profession Swimmer
Education Millfield School
Instagram @james.g.guy
Twitter @Jimbob95goon
Facebook @jimmy.guy.9