James Marriott

James Marriott was born in Switzerland and is a social media influencer from the United Kingdom. James Marriott is a YouTube star best known for his “Everything Wrong With” celebrity roast series. He also has accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

What is the net worth of James Marriott?


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Moving on, James Marriott’s net worth is believed to be $1 million. His YouTube channel, which has over 125 videos, is where he generates the most of his money. All of these videos have received a total of 143.8 million views. James Marriott, on the other hand, posts four new videos every month on average, garnering 475k views and 3.7k new subscribers per day.

What is James Marriott’s age?

James Marriott is a 23-year-old man who was born on July 7, 1997. James was born in Switzerland and has previously resided in Spain and Portugal. Currently, he is based in London, England. His given name is James William Marriott. He shared a photo with his sister on Instagram in September 2019, and his sister’s name is Hannah, according to the caption. According to the information provided, his father’s name is Sean Marriott. Aside from that, no information about his mother or other family members is accessible. In addition, James is one-sixteenth indigenous to Canada.

James hasn’t revealed any notable facts regarding his educational background. James, on the other hand, appears to have studied modern languages at UCL and graduated in 2019. He also looks to be trilingual, speaking fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and English. James and YouTuber iNabber also have a dog named Kenji, while the Marriotts have a cat named Otto. Kenji has an Instagram account as well as a YouTube channel.

Is James Marriott still looking for love?

James Marriott is a highly secretive person when it comes to his personal life. As a result, determining whether he is single or in a relationship is impossible. James hasn’t said much about the problem on his social media platforms, however. He hasn’t posted anything that could indicate his current relationships or indiscretions, either.

He has also maintained a public profile devoid of rumors, scandals, and problems that could harm his business and personal lives. Regardless, James’ talent, wit, and charms will definitely draw a large number of admirers in the future.

What is James Marriott’s height?


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James Marriott stands 6 feet 4 inches tall. He also claimed to be two heads taller than another Youtuber, Memeulous. His eyes are also hazel with gold flecks, and his hair is a natural dark brown tone. Aside from that, no information regarding James’ weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, biceps, dress size, shoe size, or other bodily measurements is known.

James Marriott’s professional path

  • James Marriott is a professional social media influencer. He primarily creates YouTube material. James began his YouTube career with the debut of his self-titled channel on February 12, 2012.
  • His celebrity roast series Everything Wrong With, as well as pop culture analysis and news, have made him well-known. Similarly, James routinely roasts Taylor Merriweather on his YouTube channel.
  • James’ video commentary is also well-known. He expresses his opinions on current events in a funny and smart style. He is a member of the YouTube channel “Eboys.” ImAllexx, WillNE, and Memeulous are among the group’s other members.
  • She used to co-host a weekly podcast called “The Camp Cast” with Alex.
  • His early videos featured acoustic guitar renditions of popular songs, lyric breakdowns of songs recommended by fans, and Q&As. He later transitioned to commentary, where he still has a channel. He makes roast films and snarky remarks about celebrity news and events.
  • On his YouTube channel, he currently posts videos of challenges, music, pranks, and reactions to happenings. He also uploads culinary and baking videos on occasion. James is also often seen commenting on other YouTubers’ content or responding to their criticism of him.
  • James claims to be a better FIFA player than Alex. James was a great fan of Alex’s channel before he met ImAllexx, and he admitted to considering about making a fan account based on him.
  • In addition, James’ favorite Pokémon is Lapras. WillNE and Memeulous are members of the Canary Wharf Mafia, which he is a part of. The bath water from Memeulous appeals to James, and he highly recommends it.
  • His channel surpassed 100,000 subscribers in October 2018, 500k subscribers in January 2019, and 1 million subscribers on October 28th, 2019.
  • His debut YouTube video, Gratitude – Acoustic Song, was a closeup of him playing the acoustic guitar. In addition, he made his first public appearance in July 2019 at the Resonate Total Gaming (RTG) Fest in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Quick Facts about James Marriott

Full Name: James Marriott
Age: 24 years
Birthday: 07 Jul
Nationality: Swiss/British
Horoscope: Cancer
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $1 million
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Profession: Youtuber, Social Media Star, Podcast co-host
Sibling: One (sister Hannah)
Father: Sean Marriott
Education: University College London (UCL)