Janan Ganesh

Janan Ganesh is a known political analyst and journalist. He is also a published author.

After joining the Financial Times, Janan became popular as a political columnist/commentator.

His popularity grew after joining the FT. As of today, he’s the chief political analyst for the Financial Times.

You will still read his comments and thoughts on the Financial Times’ official website.

The respected journalist is also a frequent host of the BBC’s “Sunday Politics” show. He offers his views fearlessly on the political problem that prevails in the world.

Since his school days, he has loved to be interested in political affairs. At the time, he took an active interest in the student wing of the Labor Party.

The net worth of Janan Ganesh:

The estimated net worth of Janan Ganesh $1 million-$5 million approximately.

10 facts about Janan Ganesh

  1. Janan Ganesh owns a dedicated wiki page where you can learn about his professional life in depth. While his personal life is not yet listed on the website.
  2. He is a courageous political analyst, a journalist as well as a writer. This versatile British citizen would not hesitate to share his political opinions.
  3. Ganesh is hosting a regular BBC program called “Sunday Politics.” And he’s the anchor of this show.
  4. He also serves as a chief commentator for the Financial Times.
  5. Janan is 38 years old, according to his date of birth. His birthday is February 18.
  6. The number for his pay is also a riddle. There’s no question that he’s making a good amount of money from his work.
  7. The particulars about his dating past are not on board. He certainly doesn’t have a child, either.
  8. Nowadays, most television figures tend to interact with their followers on social media sites. But he’s not involved on Instagram, though.
  9. Janan is now writing novels. Any of his published works include “George Osborne,” “Compassionate Populism,” and so on.
  10. He studied politics at the University of Warwick.

Facts of Janan Ganesh

Name Janan Ganesh
Birthday February 18, 1982
Age 38
Gender Male
Nationality England
Profession Journalist
Twitter @JGaneshEsq


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