Jang Geun Suk

South Korean actor and singer, Jang Geun Suk who is known as “Prince of Asia” due to his massive popularity all over the Asia is mostly recognized for his role in 2009 drama; You‘re Beautiful. With the overwhelming popularity, Jang has scored millions of fans who are curious about his love life. Has the “Prince of Asia” found his love? Is he dating anyone.

Net Worth of Jang Geun Suk

photo:  Jang Geun Suk (source :Bio Wikis)

Jang Geun Suk net worth: Jang Geun Suk is a South Korean actor, singer and model who has a net worth of $6 million. Born on August 4, 1987, Jang Geun Suk started his modeling career when he was only six years old.


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Jang Keun Suk is a 32 years South Korean actor, director as well as a singer working in both Korea and Japan. He started his career at the teenage as a runaway model and later persuaded his acting career. As a result of his hard work, dedication, and talent he has garnered immense popularity among the viewers and his fans.

Relationship status of  Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk has maintained no relationship history publicly. the handsome hunk was, however, romantically linked to his several of his co-stars.Jang was once romantically linked to his You’re Beautiful co-star Park Shin Hye. They first met on the sets of You’re Beautiful in 2009.The rumors of their dating sparked after the two were featured together in the drama. Fuel was added to the rumor after the actor appeared at a restaurant which belongs to Park Shin Hye’s mom. However, Park denied their relationship and explained.


caption: Jang Keun Suk the Most Popular Actor 

Jang Keun Suk has received well-known awards in his career. He won the award for the Best New Actor for the film “The Royal Gambler’, Ten Star Award for his drama “The Royal Gambler” in 2016. Likewise, he was also awarded the “Most Popular Actor” for ‘You are My Pet’ in 2012, 46th BaekSang Arts Awards in the Most Popular Actor category and many more.

Body Measurement

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Quick Facts about Jang Geun Suk

  • Jang Geun Suk’s birthday is August 4th, and he was born in 1987.
  • He was born in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, in Danyang County.
  • Nelson College was his alma mater.
  • Suk earned his bachelor’s degree from Hanyang University.
  • Jang Geun began modeling when he was five years old.
  • In 1997, he made his acting debut on the HBS sitcom Selling Happiness.
  • Jang made his film debut in 2006 with the Japanese horror flick One Missed Call: Final.
  • On April 27, 2011, he debuted as a vocalist with the release of his single Let Me Cry.