Jean-Luc Foudy

Jean-Luc Foudy is a young Canadian hockey player who currently plays in the ‘Western Hockey League’ for the Windsor Spitfires. Western Hockey League is one of Canada’s most popular hockey leagues, producing quality young players.

He is a brilliant player with razor-sharp gameplay. He is both precise and quick. It is extremely difficult to stop him once he has warmed up in the game. He is also one of the league’s most feared young players. He believes that teamwork is essential for winning games and focuses on teamwork.

10 Jean-Luc Foudy Facts

  1. Jean-Luc Foudy is a young Canadian hockey player who plays for the Windsor Spitfires in the Western Hockey League.
  2. The young player was born on May 13, 2002, and he is currently 18 years old.
  3. Jean-Luc Foudy stands 5 feet 11 inches tall.
  4. He was born into a sporting family. Sean Foudy, his father, is a CFL player, and France Gareau, his mother, is an Olympic sprinter.
  5. He got an early exposure to the age and helped him get a grip on the game because he was born in a family with a sports background.
  6. Jean-Luc Foudy has been playing since he was a child and has grown into a very talented player over the years.
  7. He is one of the players eligible for the 2021 NFL Draft and stands a good chance of being chosen.
  8. Jean-Luc Foudy has excelled in the WHL, winning numerous games for the Windsor Spitfires. He had 43 points in 59 appearances for his team in the 2019-2020 season, with 15 goals and 28 assists.
  9. He is also a highly ranked player, with Future Consideration ranking him 49th among bright rising players.
  10. Jean-Luc Foudy is on Twitter and currently has 115 followers.

Facts of Jean-Luc Foudy

Name Jean-Luc Foudy
Birthday May 13, 2002
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 76 Kg
Nationality Canadian
Profession Hockey Player
Parents Sean Foudy (CFL player), France Gareau (Olympic sprinter)
Siblings Liam Foudy
Twitter @jlfouds