Jeannette Reyes

Jeannette Reyes, a Rhode Island native, is a dedicated worker. Reyes is an American journalist who has worked hard to reach her current position at 6 ABC News.At the station, Jeannette works alongside other prominent correspondents like Annie McCormick and Chris Sowers.

Jeannette Reyes’s net worth?

Jeannette Reyes’ net worth is believed to be approximately $200,000. Her journalism employment at a different news station provides the majority of her income.

Her first job was at KATV, where she earned an average of $65,531 a year, but when she moved to 6 ABC, her earnings skyrocketed. Jeannette earns an average of $35,065 to $166,040 per year from her present employment.

Her husband is also a reporter and works at WJLA-TV, where he earns an annual income of $62,408 on average.

Reyes married her boyfriend at WJLA-TV, whom she met there. The adorable pair has been married for three years and is still totally over heals in love.

With her hard work, Jeannette’s earnings and net worth are sufficient to provide a nice life for her and her family.

Who IsJeannette Reyes?

Jeannette Reyes’ birthday is August 15th, and she celebrates it. Reyes is of mixed heritage and of American nationality.

Her siblings have little information, although her parents relocated to Rhode Island from the Dominican Republic.

Her educational background is likewise unknown to the general public, however based on her career, she is a well-educated woman. Reyes was born under the sign of Leo in the zodiac.

Career of Jeannette Reyes.

After graduating from college, Reyes began her job and has worked in this industry for numerous years. Reyes worked as a general reporter at KATV before joining 6 ABC Action News.

Jeannette consistently outperforms skill with her passion to her career, which impressed 6 ABC News.

Jeannette began working for the ABC as a reporter in 2016, and she is currently employed there. A reporter like her, who is both educated and attractive, is sure to go far.

Who Is Od Jeannette Reyes’ Husband?

While working at WJLA-TV, Reyes met the man of her dreams, Robert Burton. Jeannette is wary of disclosing too much information about her husband.

Because they are both enthusiastic about their work, the two felt an instant connection.

Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton on their wedding day

Jeannette and Robert chose to exchange wedding vows after dating for several years. On August 20, 2016, the couple married, and their love has only grown stronger with each passing year.

To date, the couple does not have any children, although they intend to do so soon.

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