Jeff Thrasher

Jeff Thrasher was the son of beloved Dallas star actress Linda Gray. On a recent Instagram post his mom Linda, the media, and her fans have come to know that Jeff Thrasher had died at 54.

Jeff was a movie director and a producer by profession. As a person, he was described by his mother as the kindest, funniest, and sweetest human being, who was loved by everyone. Our sincere, condolence goes to Linda Gray for her overwhelming loss.

10 Facts To Know About Jeff Thrasher

  1. Jeff Thrasher was born in the year of 1966. As of 2020, and at the time of his passing, Jeff was known to be at the age of 54 years.
  2.  How did he die? As of now, Linda has not yet revealed the cause of his unnatural death. The cause of his death isn’t posted by any public sources as well.
  3. Jeff was born into a family of artists. Her mother is the renowned actress Linda Gray and his father Ed Thrasher is also an American movie director.
  4. Jeff also had a sister named Kehly Sloane who is a voguish actress too. Apart, from his sister, he was also close to his cousin Lindsay Wagner.
  5. He wasn’t on the same level of fame, his mother was. He doesn’t have any Wiki bio as of now, but he has his own website that featured his information.
  6. Jeff had also worked and directed his only big project called Mission Asteroid in 2013. It was a space documentary produced and directed for CBC.
  7. He was Emmy nominated for his camerawork and art direction on the Youtube Red Series Furze World Wonders.
  8. There is no information found so far regarding his wife and children.
  9. Jeff’s individual financial assets haven’t been revealed to this date either.
  10. We couldn’t track Jeff’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. Jeff probably didn’t have any social media.

Facts of Jeff Thrasher

Name Jeff Thrasher
Birthday 1966
Age 54
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Director and Producer
Parents Linda Gray, Ed Thrasher
Siblings Kehly Sloane