Jelly Rolls

Jelly Rolls Wiki/Bio, Birthday, Trivia & Facts

Full Real Name Jason Deford
Name Jelly Rolls
Nickname Jason
Age (as of 2022) 37 years old
Popular for His songs, videos, and rapping
Date of Birth December 4, 1984
Education High School Graduate
Profession Actor, Singer, Youtuber
School Antioch High School
College Not Known
Current Residence Antioch, Tennessee.
Place of Birth Antioch, Tennessee.
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Net worth $8 million USD
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Languages English
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Religion Christian

Jelly Rolls is a well-known American musician, an active alcoholic, an MMA fan, an actor, a composer, and a former drug dealer. He was born Jason Deford on December 4, 1984, making him 37 years old. Because of his work with artists like Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Ryan Upchurch, and Tech N9me, he is well-known across America.

What is the net worth of Jelly Rolls ?

Jelly Roll  net worth is close to $8 million USD. He is a famous singer who derives a significant portion of his earnings from YouTube, Spotify, and live performances. He is living the lifestyle of a wealthy star, enjoying all the comforts of life.

Who is ‘Jason Deford’ from Jelly Rolls?

As Jason DeFord and JellyRolls, Jelly Rolls is equally well-known. He is a rapper and vocalist who has appeared in numerous short films, music videos, and live stage performances. Year Round, Strictly Business, The Big Sal Story, Business As Usual, Whiskey Sessions II, and many other of his albums helped the public adore and respect him.

Childhood and education

Jelly Rolls, who has previously made an impression on the Wikipedia platform with his accomplishment, was born in Antioch, Tennessee. He continues to live there with his family and spends his days there. Jelly has become a local staple in Antioch over the past 30 years.

His love of music led him to attend Antioch High School ever when he was a young child. Jelly hasn’t revealed which college or university he attended after becoming a well-known American star in order to develop his singing and musical abilities.

Family & Parents of Jelly Rolls

In an interview, Jelly Rolls revealed that his family enjoys music, which is how his love of singing began.
He grew up listening to Southern rap music as a child.
He won’t say his mother’s name, but she used to enjoy a lot of funk, old R&B, and Motown.
His father, who is no longer with us, liked to listen to a variety of different tunes.
Additionally, Jelly has a brother who was popular back when they were all young.
He had the opportunity to live in a large house in Antioch, Tennessee with his family, where each room had a different tune playing when you went from one to the next.
Sublime and Nirvana were two bands that one of Jelly’s sisters liked.
Jelly was inspired to pursue a career in entertainment and began perfecting his own music as a result of his family’s passion for music.

Do you know about the Career: Rapper, Singer & Artist, Concert, New Songs of Jelly?

Jelly Rolls revealed on Facebook that he has been working as a musician, artist, rapper, singer, and songwriter since 1996. He performed as an actor in the 2003 film Swing, according to his IMDb bio.

After his song “Pop Another Pill” received 6.3 million views on Youtube in 2010, he became famous as a performer. He continued to sing innumerable songs after this without pausing. You might be surprised to learn that since its debut, 18362018 individuals have listened to his song “Son of a Sinner” on Spotify.

Source ;Instagram

We’ve included more information about his songs and albums below. He made an appearance in the little film “Shooter Jenning: Outlaw You” earlier in 2011.

In addition to running his own firm, Jelly also sells goods bearing his name and insignia. Fans can purchase high-quality goods on his website, “,” starting at $30 USD.

Relationships status

Jelly Rolls is a husband and father. He has been married for approximately 20 years. Bunnie Xo (@xomgitsbunnie) is the name of his wife. She is a stunning blonde woman who performed with her spouse as a rapper and vocalist. On her Instagram page, Bunnie Xo has more than 818k followers. She is the host of the “Dumbblodnepodacast” podcast.

Source ;Instagram

Jelly, who is 37 years old, is also the father of Bailee Ann, his sole child. Bailee Ann seems to be between the ages of 15 and 18. She frequently performs live at concerts alongside her father, continuing in his musical legacy. In her Instagram account, Bailee Ann describes herself as a musician, makeup artist, and fashionista.

7 Jelly Rolls Singer Facts

  • Vodka is Jelly Rolls’ preferred beverage.
  • He has 896k Instagram followers.
  • He typically watches every MMA match.
  • Jelly has several tattoos all over his body.
  • 2.34 million people have subscribed to him on YouTube.
  • According to Jelly’s biography, he used to hand-sell his album in pubs and clubs at the start of his career.
  • He has 115.5k followers on his Twitter, where he is very active in 2022.

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