Jessica Mediate

Jessica Mediate, who admitted to being a professional golf watcher, is the current and second wife of Rocco Mediate, the golfing champion.

Wealth, Net worth & Career

Mrs. Mediate previously worked as a salesperson in Phoenix. But, since her marriage to Rocco Mediate, who has a net worth of more than $15 million, it’s unclear whether she still works at the same stores she used to.

Jessica, on the other hand, has property and wealth worth millions of dollars that she shares with her husband. Only in 2018 did the Mediates decide to sell their mansion for $3.2 million, which included a swimming pool, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a golf course, a large garden, and two master suites.

Rocco previously paid $2 million to the previous owner of his old house.

Jessica Mediate
Caption: Jessica Mediate (source: Otago Daily Times)

How Jessica Mediate and her husband Rocco Got Started

Jessica Mediate, whose life was drastically altered by her marital relationship with her husband, Rocco Mediate, interestingly knew her then-future five years before their wedding, which took place in Hawaii in January 2014.

Of course, she was aware of the famous golfer, but she didn’t meet Rocco in person until both of their mutual friends introduced them. More specifically, their love story didn’t begin until three years after they first met.

In 2013, Mediate was taken aback when her long-term boyfriend got down on his knees with a solemn expression and asked her to marry him. Furthermore, it was the same year that the PGA Tour winner finalized his divorce from his first wife of twenty years, Linda Newell, with whom he divorced in 2008.

The following year, on January 20, 2014, Rocco married his then-new bride, Jessica, who also agreed to be a stepmother to her new husband’s three sons from his previous marriage. Surprisingly, their wedding occurred just before the golf pro of more than three decades had to compete.

In May 2015, the couple welcomed their daughter, Francesca Rose Mediate. Francesca, along with her mother, frequently appears in her daddy’s game to show her support.

On the bright side, Jessica and Rocco’s marriage has been pure bliss as the two have been together through all of life’s ups and downs. Not to mention, Jessica has been taking on her role as a wife respectfully and lovingly, from never missing his husband’s golf games to being present during Rocco’s alcohol addiction, which he only got rid of in 2017.

Jessica Mediate
Caption: Jessica Mediate’s husband Rocco Mediate (source: TG Time)

Jessica Mediate Fun Facts

  • Her daughter is half Italian due to her husband’s ancestry.
  • Mediate has brown eyes that compliment her hair.
  • She believes that no matter what, she should always be present on the golf course for her husband.
  • Rocco, whom she describes as a lunatic in a good way, taught her how to play golf.
  • Displays a tall and lean physique.

Quick facts:

Family Name : Mediate
Birth Country : United States
Height : 5 Feet 8 Inch


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