Jia Patel estimated Net Worth, Age, Affairs, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats, Salary as well as short Biography with top 10 popular facts!

Jia Patel is an actress. She is famous for her works in very famous movies. To the date, she has done a lot of work. Starting her career as a model she has made it to the entertainment industry.

She has done many good works and she is well known for the work she has done. Having a lot of passion for acting she proved herself to the industry by her determination and her hard work. Today Jia is also one of the well-known names in the entertainment industry. Works for which she is known are Late Night, India Sweets and Spices, and Ivide.

Some of her details are available on her IMDB profile but not much about her is available on the web. Many officials and higher up in the industry have also claimed that she will earn a lot of name and fame in the future with the determination and passion she has.

10 Facts About Jia Patel:

  1. Jia Patel is a very popular film actress who has appeared in multiple movies and television series like Late Night, Ivide, and India Sweets and Spices.
  2. Her exact age is yet not known but it will be updated very soon.
  3. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to find her Wikipedia page as there is no such page made until today.
  4. However, Jia’s bio can be read via other popular websites and wiki sites.
  5. It seems she has not shared anything related to her parents too.
  6. As we do not know about her date of birth, we also do not know about her birthday.
  7. Her height, weight, and also other body measurements will be known very soon.
  8. This popular actress is a non-vegetarian according to some of the reports.
  9. She seems to be a very young actress probably in her teens right now.
  10. Since she is too young to use a social media account, we are not able to find her on social media platforms.

Facts of Jia Patel

Name Jia Patel
Gender Female
Nationality Indian-American
Ethnicity Malayalam
Profession Actress