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The Muppets were created by James Maury Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990). He was also known for creating Fraggle Rock (1983-1987), directing The Dark Crystal (1982), and writing Labyrinth (1986). He was born in Greenville, Mississippi, and raised in Leland, Mississippi, and University Park, Maryland.

James Maury Henson’s Biography, Wiki and Facts

Full Name | Real Name James Maury Henson
Birth Date September 24, 1936
Death Date May 16, 1990
Profession Screenwriter, Film Director, Producer
Nationality American
Religion Christian
University University of Maryland
Education Bachelor of Science in home economics
Marital Status Married
Wife Jane Nebel
Kids 5 Kids
Net Worth $100 million
Social Media Accounts None

How much is the Net Worth and Wealth of Late Jim Henson?

James Maury Henson AKA Jim Henson was an American puppeteer, screenwriter, film director, and producer who died in 1990 with a net worth of $100 million. Jim Henson is widely known for creating “The Muppets” and “Fraggle Rock.” He has directed films like “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth.”

Henson began his career as a puppeteer in high school, and by college, he was producing his first television shows. Henson began making ads and experimental films after graduation before establishing Muppets, Inc. (later renamed The Jim Henson Company).

By the late 1960s, Jim was heavily involved in the production of the iconic children’s show “Sesame Street.” Henson, eager to broaden her horizons, also partnered with “Saturday Night Live.” In the mid-1970s, Henson began producing “The Muppet Show” to strike a balance between children’s programs and more sophisticated comedy. Many of the characters in this series are still recognizable pop-culture icons today.

Henson became well-known for his humanitarian initiatives during his career, and he also earned a number of honors, including two Emmys. Jim died in 1990, at the relatively young age of 53. The next year, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Business Transactions and Company of James Maury Henson

Jim had been considering selling his production company to The Walt Disney Company for $150 million a year before his death. The agreement also includes a substantial 15-year contract for Jim’s creative skills.

In 1990, $150 million was equivalent to $300 million now. The transaction would NOT have included Jim’s personal rights to the Sesame Street characters. Jim owned the rights to these characters, but he split the merchandise money with the Children’s Television Workshop (later renamed Sesame Workshop), the charity that produced Sesame Street.

James Henson
Jim had been playing with the idea of selling his production studio to The Walt Disney Company, Photo Via: Celebrity Net Worth

After his death, control of The Jim Henson Company was divided equally among his five children. The Disney negotiations were called off in December 1990 after the surviving Henson family members and Disney were unable to reach an agreement. In 2000, the family sold the company for $680 million to EM.TV & Merchandising AG, a German entertainment/media giant. Within a year, EM.TV’s stock had plummeted, and the Henson family was able to repurchase their assets for $83 million in 2003.

The rights to the Sesame Street Muppets were sold to Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit that produces various Sesame Street-related productions, when EM.TV owned them. In 2004, the family reportedly sold The Muppets’ rights to Walt Disney for more than $200 million. Disney later established The Muppets Studio. Following the signing of the contract, the term “Muppet” became a legal trademark of Walt Disney, though Sesame Workshop is still permitted to use the phrase under a separate agreement with Disney.

Early Years and Childhood of James Maury Henson | Family and Siblings

James Maury Henson was born in Greenville, Mississippi on September 24, 1936. Henson was raised as a Christian Scientist in Leland before moving to Washington, DC in the late 1940s. Puppeteers and ventriloquists such as Edgar Bergen and Burr Tillstrom affected him as a child. Jim produced puppets for a TV show while still in high school. Henson went on to study studio arts at the University of Maryland after graduating, however he later earned a Bachelor of Science in home economics.

Professional Career of Film Director and Producer

“Sam and Friends,” one of Jim Henson’s first productions, introduced the world to an early version of Kermit the Frog. In 1963, Henson founded Muppets, Inc. after nearly two decades of working on various entertainment ventures.

During this time, the character Rowlf appeared regularly on “The Jimmy Dean Show.” By 1969, Henson had become an essential element of “Sesame Street,” and he had helped design several of the show’s now-famous characters.

Jim Henson
Jim Henson with Christmas Tree, Photo Via: ABC TV/Hulton Archive, Getty Image

Henson chose to broaden his influence after becoming concerned that he was confining himself to an audience of only youngsters. He began working on “Saturday Night Live” in the 1970s before moving on to “The Muppet Show” and “Fraggle Rock.”

“The Muppet Show” was so popular that it inspired a series of feature films, including “The Muppet Movie” in 1979. Following that, Henson began collaborating with George Lucas to help animate Yoday. The duo teamed once more on “Labyrinth.” During this time, he also made “The Dark Crystal,” a completely new film that was both financially and critically successful.

Relationships Status | Who is Jim Henson married With? Wife and Kids

In 1959, Jim Henson married Jane Nebel. They were married until their divorce in 1986. They had five children together during the course of their partnership, all of whom became heavily involved in Jim Henson’s different undertakings.

Jim Henson Wife
Jim Henson with his wife Jane, Photo Via: Jim Henson’s Red Book

Despite their final separation, Henson and Nebel remained friends until his death in 1990. Brian Henson, Jim’s son, is the current chairman of The Jim Henson Company. Brian is married to Mia Sara, a “Ferris Bueller” actress.

Death Cause | When and Where did Jim Henson Died?

Jim Henson complained of a sore throat in May 1990. He thought it would go away with time, but the issue deteriorated over the next three days. He awoke at 2 a.m. on May 15th, coughing up blood. Despite the fact that he admitted to himself that he thought he was dying, he refused to go to the hospital, claiming that his work was more essential. He was transferred to the hospital two hours later. Soon after arrival, he stopped breathing.

Doctors were able to place him on a ventilator and treat numerous abscesses in his chest caused by a previous bacterial illness. Although doctors sought to treat the infection with heavy doses of antibiotics, it had the unintended consequence of destroying most of his organs. As a result, Jim was unable to recuperate and died on May 16th, 1990. According to one specialist, if he had taken antibiotics only a few hours sooner, he would have had a considerably better chance of life.