John Forsyth – How did Missouri Er Doctor Vanished Suddenly? | Read the full Story and Bio.

Doctor John Forsyth went missing without a trace. He has to worked in crypto, in his spare time and ‘vanished into thin air’ after his car was discovered in an Ozarks parking lot was texting his new fiancée just seconds before he vanished

The unexplained disappearance of a doctor has mystified the neighborhood. When Dr. John Forsyth of Missouri failed to show up for his scheduled shift at Mercy Hospital in Cassville on Sunday evening, his coworkers and loved ones became concerned.

When Forsyth’s car was discovered abandoned in the Cassville Aquatic Center parking lot, just a short distance from the hospital, police were notified.

The police noted that the car doors were unlocked, and that the keys were still inside, adding to the mystery surrounding his disappearance. Dr. Forsyth was last seen leaving his trailer outside the hospital at 7 a.m. on Sunday.

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Missouri ER: Who Is Dr. John Forsyth Wife To Be?

The identity of Dr. John Forsyth’s future bride (fiancée) is yet to be revealed to the public and media.

The Missouri ER doctor got engaged just days after finalizing his divorce from his ex-wife. On Sunday morning, though, he vanished without a trace.

The Missouri ER doctor was texting his new girlfriend on the morning of his disappearance and even assured her that she would see him shortly before he unexpectedly stopped responding.

John Forsyth's Car Found Location
Dr. Forsyth’s car was located parked in an unusual location at the Cassville Aquatic Center after he went missing. (New York Post)

Dr. Forsyth’s fiancée, who requested anonymity, raised concern about his actions, calling them “odd.” She revealed that she hasn’t spoken to him since he vanished.

Dr. Forsyth contacted his fiance about 7 a.m. on May 21 to let her know he had finished his shift at Mercy Hospital in Cassville.

According to an interview, the doctor told her, “I’ll see you a little later.” However, after a short while, the doctor stopped texting and was seen walking to his RV, which was parked near the hospital.

When a white SUV approached, Forsyth’s Infiniti sedan was shown on security video pulling up to the nearby Cassville Aquatic Center.

Furthermore, the father of seven had not told his children about the engagement.J.R. Forsyth, Forsyth’s son, revealed that he learned of the engagement two days after his father disappeared.

J.R. had last spoken to his father around a month ago. He stated, however, that they had lately had a heart-to-heart chat. Forsyth had planned to see him and other family members in Utah the same weekend.

He also stated that he was aware of his father’s ‘hectic’ schedule, which included his father’s work in the ER and the cryptocurrency firm he co-founded with his brother Richard.

Missouri ER: Meet Dr. John Forsyth Brother Richard

Richard Forsyth is the brother of the missing Missouri ER doctor. The brothers are quite close, and they co-own a cryptocurrency company.

The brothers grew up in Canada. They traveled to Missouri for school under the supervision of their parents.

His brother, Richard Forsyth, expressed his desire for him to return home safely. He went on to say that his family loves and misses him. The family accepts if he is absent for legitimate reasons, but they hope to see him soon.

John Forsyth's Brother
The entire family is anxious about John Forsyth’s disappearance and wishes to see him soon. (From the New York Post)

“He wouldn’t skip a shift even if his eyes were hanging out of their sockets,” Richard said of his brother’s odd departure. It promptly raised a red flag.

“People were worried about how much he worked, but he always told me he loved it,” Richard explained. He appreciated it since he was eager about assisting people.

Richard confessed that Forsyth had one “hacker battle” with an internet user. And that the remainder of his free time was spent thinking about how to make cryptocurrency valuable to society. We’ve alienated certain people, he added.