Justin Lukach

Justin Lukach is a travel enthusiast who hosts his own show called Departures. With his show, he rose to fame, and he is now a director at Mountain Shadow Productions. He is fairly open about his personal life and rarely attempts to conceal his relationships. He had a girlfriend named Gisele, who dumped him after she returned from her travels. He is currently married to Lauren Lynch, and there is unofficial word that Justin is expecting a child.

Justin Lukach is a television personality who rose to prominence with his show Departure. His show is an exciting television series, and he is open about his personal life as much as he is about his career.

He is happy in his married life right now, and we are relieved to know that his celebrity and past experiences have not altered his persona.

How much is the net worth of Justin Lukach?

Justin is a well-known adventurer and television host. His show “Departures” had won a slew of accolades (including two Gemini Awards out of five nominations). Justin Lukach was living in Hawaii with his girlfriend after returning from Las Vegas in 2008. The total net worth of Justin Lukach is almost around $1.1 Million.

Justin Lukach
Caption: Justin Lukach (source: Departures)

Justin Lukach and His Wife Are Happily Married

Lauren Lynch, Justin Lukach’s wife, is his current wife. They met in 2014 and dated for a while before getting engaged. After a few months, the couple finally married.

Their wedding details, including the date, are unknown, but it has been revealed that they married at the John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse. He shared some photos from their wedding on Instagram, which showed how beautiful their wedding was.

On his wedding photo, one of his many followers commented:

“What a lovely couple! It looks like a lot of fun in such a lovely setting.”

This led us to believe that his fans are pleased to see him open up about his personal life. It appeared to be a big event, and it appeared to be a fairytale wedding.

In 2018, he sent his fans and the media into a frenzy when he posted a picture on Instagram. The image was of a pregnancy test, which led many of Justin’s fans to believe that he is about to become a father.

So far, no official announcements have been made, so one can only speculate.

Justin Lukach
Caption: Justin Lukach with Lauren Lynch (source: Married Wiki)

Justin Lukach’s Extramarital Affairs:

Justin is always proud of his love interest, and prior to his marriage to Lauren, he was living with his then-girlfriend, Gisele.

In 2008, they were living in Hawaii when he received an e-mail from his high school friend Scott Wilson that changed everything.

He was working for an engineering firm when Scott approached him with an offer to leave his job, return to Canada, and embark on a global journey with Departures.

When his show became popular, he stopped mentioning Gisele on social media, but one day he posted on Twitter that they had broken up.

He claimed that he was the one who suggested she quit her job and travel around Africa for a month, but when she returned, she was engaged. He expressed his surprise about it several times.

Gisele later married and gave birth to a child. Justin says he is happy for her and is content with how things turned out. He’s moved on and appears to be content now.

He appears to be happy with his wife and content with both his personal and professional life. He is living the life he has always desired and, as always, encourages people to travel, despite the fact that he lost Gisele after her trip.

Justin Lukach’s Quick Facts

  • Justin Lukach was born in the United States of America on July 8, 1980.
  • He earned a degree in Engineering and Fire Protection from Sena College of Applied Arts and Technology.
  • He works as a Director for Mountain Shadow Productions, a company that specializes in high-definition aerial footage.
  • Departures, his show, won two Gemini Awards out of five nominations.


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