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Justin Stamper, co-owner of Blueprint Real Estate Group and star of the show Zombie House Flipping, has made the best of bad situations. He has an inspiring story to tell, and we’ve got you covered. Follow the link below to learn how he started renovating houses just to sell them and became the successful man he is today!

What is the Net Worth of Justin Stamper?

Perhaps the terrible events in Justin’s life happened for a reason. The incident served as a catalyst for his successful career in the real world. Between 2008 and 2011, Justin Stamper and his family purchased approximately 110 abandoned properties at auction, renovated them, and resold them for a healthy profit. In addition, in 2012, he met Ashlee Casserly Greenberg, owner of the Blueprint Real Estate Group in Orlando. She helped him with the business and created a website to sell Justin’s rehabbed homes.

During this time, Ashlee received an offer from A&E television to star in the show Zombie House Flipping. They began filming for the first season of the show in 2015. Finding, purchasing, and repairing vacant houses in the Orlando area, Justin, Ashley, Keith Ori, and Peter Duke ascended to impressive career heights; the journey continued in the second season in early 2017. With all of his efforts, the co-owner of the boutique brokerage – Blueprint Real Estate Group – must have amassed colossal assets in his net worth.

The 2008 recession was a sour lemon that Justin Stamper and his family turned into the sweetest lemonade.

This recent high school graduate was backpacking through Europe when his parents called him back to New Orlando in 2008, as the financial crisis hampered the family’s small business, making it difficult to pay their mortgage. Justin, who had always wanted to be a musician, was in for a surprise. In the midst of such a crisis, the family’s foreclosed home became a huge opportunity for Justin, 19, to turn things around. Congratulations to him and his team; the house was sold after two months of renovation for a profit of $160,000. If that isn’t a good place to start, I don’t know what is!

Justin wrote on his blog about his experience,

“When a man is backed into a corner, he has two choices: fall to his knees and accept his fate, or keep swinging and try to create his own fate.” I learned at a young age, watching my father win and lose, win and lose, and start all over again, that if you want to make it in America, you have to keep swinging…you have to keep going no matter how many times you fail because this is the greatest country in the world, where dreams come true and miracles happen every day.

Justin had found his calling by that point. He and his family bought a house at auction every week, renovated it with the help of liquid capital scraped together with some friends, sold it, and repeated the process until his family relocated to Denver in 2012. Justin, on the other hand, stayed, and two years later, he was approached for the show Zombie House Flipping.

Wiki / Bio of Justin Stamper, Age

Every year on May 18, Justin Stamper celebrates his birthday. At the age of 31, the Orlando native is of American nationality. His early life and family details are unknown.

Is Justin wed to his partner?

Justin, the FYI network’s star, has not spoken publicly about his relationships or personal life. He is most likely not married yet. Alternatively, he may have made an unintentional allusion to the subject.

In February 2017, he did, however, mention “8 months pregnant partner” in one of his tweets. Nonetheless, no additional information is available.

On February 28, 2017, Justin Stamper tweeted about the mysterious “pregnant partner” (Photo: Justin Stamper’s Twitter).

Justin’s personal life is currently unknown. However, the beautiful bond he has with his dog, Marley, cannot be overlooked.

Some of his fans may have imagined him with his stunning coworker, Ashley Casserly Greenberg. However, their alliance appears to be limited to their profession.

Quick Information

Date of Birth May 18, 1989 Age 32 Years 2 Month(s)
Nationality American Profession Television Personality
Marital Status Single Gay/Lesbain No
Ethnicity White Net Worth N/A
Height N/A


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