Katheryn Cryer

Katheryn Cryer and her family appear on the TV reality show The Haves and the Have Nots. She is an American Reality TV star, Actress and Singer too. Know more about her down below.

Facts of Katheryn Cryer

Full Name Katheryn Cryer
Height 157cm
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1960/11/30
Birth Country Texas
Birth Place Dallas
Ethnicity African American

How much is the net worth of Katheryn Cryer

It’s a show for all cultures and colors to co-exist in harmony and there’s no racial divide. And even though Katheryn Cryer has a wealth of over $250 million, people can still relate well with her.

Katheryn Cryer: Who Is She?

The daughter of an incredibly wealthy man is Katheryn Cryer. She received all of her father’s assets, including various properties, after he passed away. She is in a terrible and loveless marriage with Jim Cryer, the man she has loved since she was a little girl. If you’ve seen her on TV, you might have noticed that despite having everything a woman could desire in terms of material goods, she is lonely and lacks genuine friends.

Katheryn Cryer is an American actress and singer. Source: Pinterest

Katheryn Cryer, along with her family, portrays the true deuteragonist and antiheroine in Tyler Perry’s drama The Haves and The Have Nots. Actress Renee Lawless plays her. Jim is a ladies’ man, and Katheryn, who gives numbers to his girlfriends, claims that he has engaged in a lot of extramarital affairs.

Who is the husband of Katheryn Cryer? Married Life

Katheryn Cryer is married to Jim Cryer. But they haven’t been a happy couple since the beginning of the series, and they still aren’t. Late in season 1, it is revealed that Katherine and her husband no longer share a bed, giving the marriage an air of emptiness.

Katheryn Cryer is married to Jim Cryer. Source: Pinterest

She also acknowledges to Wyatt that she had affairs while Jim was having them, which surprised Jim, who was envious and wanted to know who she was with. After Jim was shot by his son Wyatt in the final episode of The Haves and The Have Nots, she genuinely worried about him. With the assistance of nannies, Katheryn raises a son named Wyatt and a daughter named Amanda. The siblings live a privileged and wealthy life and are unable to function in the outside world due to their mental illness.

Son of Katheryn Cryer Is A Drug User

Wyatt Cryer, a heroin addict and alcoholic who both parents despise, is Katheryn and Jim’s child. Jim and Katheryn have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to assist Wyatt in getting clean. As a young boy, Wyatt allegedly suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a respected family clergyman.


In a fit of rage, Wyatt yells at both of his parents to go to hell when his vices reemerge. Jim agrees to look after Wyatt for a week because it is what he wanted and wasn’t afraid of after Katheryn expresses her anger and concern for her son and begs him to.

Jim reassured Katheryn that her son was safe at the prison and was only there until he was back in line when she expressed concern for him. In the season 6 finale of The Haves and The Have Nots, she pleads for her life and tells him she loves him, but due to cocaine in his system, he shoots his mother and leaves her lifeless body in the bathtub.

Daughter of Katheryn Cryer

The young college student Amanda Cryer, who is the daughter of Kathryn and Jim, is easily persuaded. Katheryn dismisses her as wishy-washy and feeble-minded while feigning love for her as she does for her son, hoping Candace isn’t using her. She is shocked to discover that her daughter committed suicide and has collapsed in an unresponsive state after seeing her husband.

Katheryn thought back to Amanda’s childhood, remembering how she had protected and looked after her after an accident. When Jim refused to have their daughter committed, Katheryn became enraged and accused him of being stubborn because she believed she would have received better care that way.

Until she discovered that her law professor had raped Amanda through Candace, Katheryn would wonder why her daughter had done such a thing. Later, Katheryn asked Hanna to locate Amanda’s diary.

Hanna Young is friends with Katheryn Cryer

One of the Cryer’s maids, Hanna Young, is a destitute woman who Katheryn hires in the pilot after having an interview set up with another maid already employed there. The two women quickly become friends after Hanna learns that her boss is ill when she arrives at work one day. Hanna, a breast cancer survivor herself, offers Katheryn medicinal marijuana to ease her discomfort after learning that she has breast cancer.

Katheryn Cryer is a close friend of Hanna Young. Source: Pinterest

Later, Kathryn joins Hanna in secretly registering for cancer treatment at a hospital while pretending to be on vacation. After her injured son Benny received subpar medical care at the county hospital. And Katheryn secretly requested that he be transferred to a better facility as a favor to Hanna. She even paid the bill after Benny healed from his wounds, which Hanna appreciated.