Kathleen Hixson: Does she have a brother? Net worth 2023, Age, Salary, Career, Relationship, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki

Quick Facts

Birth Date April 29,2000
Full Name Kathleen Hixson
Birth Name Kathleen Hixson
Profession Social Media Influencer
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Single
Height 170 cm
Weight 54 kg
Networth 350000
Sibilings 1
Insta Link Insta Link

An American internet celebrity named Kathleen Hixson became well-known after becoming a TikTok sensation. She has created a name for herself with material and funny sketches as one of the stars on the network with millions of followers.

The date of birth of Kathleen, sometimes known as “Kat,” is April 29, 2000. She had already established herself as a well-known online personality. But when she linked up with the Stoke Twins, she became more well-known.

How much is the Net worth of Kathleen Hixson?

In TikTok, social media influencer Kathleen Hixson has established a reliable career. She has amassed a sizeable audience on social media channels, where she now earns the majority of her money.

Kathleen Hixson having fun in her car.
Kathleen Hixson having fun in her car. (Source: Instagram @kathleen.hixson)

About $350,000 is thought to be Kathleen Hixson’s net worth. And if you stop to think about it, it’s quite an accomplishment for someone whose only source of income is social media. She earns money through her online skits as well as from sponsorships and advertisements.

Does she have a brother?

About her family, Kathleen has always been quite discreet and protective. But according to other accounts, she might have a brother. In a TikTok sketch, Kat makes the unconfirmed claim that she has a brother serving in the US Army. When Kat shared a photo of her brother on social media, no one recognized him. He was reared alongside his sister and was born in November of 2001.

What About Kat’s Rumored Relationship With The Stoke Twins?

Kat has increased her renown and fan base when she began working with the Stokes twins. They’ve also collaborated on some cutesy videos, which frequently have humorous outcomes. Together, Kat and Alan Stokes are incredibly cute and humorous. Since then, rumors have circulated that the two are more than simply pals.

Although working on videos with both Alex and Alan Stokes, Kat seems to have worked more frequently with Alan. Even their admirers who are aware of their friendship also want to ship them together, leaving the rumor of their relationship alone. The Stokes and Kat have both denied having a romantic relationship, despite the desire of many of their fans to see them get together. Additionally, they both admitted that they only regard each other as siblings. They are all simultaneously delighted and sad because of their gorgeous and unbroken friendship.

What is the Professional Career of Kathleen Hixson?

Kat Got Her Start On Vine

Kat studied Communications while she was a student at the University of Arizona. She reportedly began producing content for the Vine app at this time. Kitty Kat was her stage name when she was active. Her material was favorably received, and she gained popularity. She began using other platforms after Vine was shut down in 2016 later. As a content developer on social media, she has achieved success.

Social Media Influencer

Dancer Kathleen Hixson is a gifted performer who has appeared on stage. Her videos demonstrate that she can lip sync. Kat initially relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue her acting career. She did, however, discover her specialty as a social media influencer.

After that, Kat worked on comedic routines with people like Logan Wodzynski, The Stokes Twins, Mason Fulp, and Brent Rivera. In her early content, she mainly performed speech or danced and lip-synced to music. She now makes sketches for TikTok using quick reactions. Her writing is humorous and lively. She also has a YouTube page where she publishes videos that are current with the times. She isn’t as consistent on that platform, though.

Kat Started Modeling Before Being An Influencer

When she was just a senior in high school, Kathleen, a TikTok celebrity, tried some modeling. She served as the face of companies including Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things. According to sources, Kat has appeared in Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines. Her family gave her all support when she decided to lead such a public life.

What Is Kathleen Hixson Doing Now?

The well-known TikToker Kathleen has been savoring her success and living life to the fullest. She enjoys posting pictures of her travels to beaches and far-off locales on Instagram for the enjoyment of her followers. She may be unmarried, as implied, but, like Daryna Popach, she’s having the time of her life.

How is the Relationship Status of Kathleen Hixson?

The reports claim that Kat is single right now and doesn’t have a boyfriend. However it’s impossible to say for sure because she’s never made any declarations about her romantic preferences. Also, her dating history is hidden.


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In her movies or reels, Kat hasn’t engaged in any romantic exchanges with other men or women that may suggest a connection. She apparently has a close friendship with Alan Stokes, the twin brother of Alex Stokes, during the time. According to sources, they have crushes on one another. On Valentine’s Day of the previous year, she cautioned her fans to take some time to fall in love with themselves and life. There appears to be yet time to get to know her guy.

Body Measurement: How tall is Kathleen Hixson?

Kat is the same height as Alison Hawkins at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm). She is 3 inches taller than a woman who is the average height in her country. She is physically fit and thin.

Kathleen Hixson on her social media.
Kathleen Hixson during one of her photoshoots. (Source: Instagram @kathleen.hixson)

In October 2020, Kat, a brunette with stunning hazel eyes, colored her hair pink. She simply dyed her hair pink on a dare, but she has kept it that way ever since. She’s come to like her hair. She weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 54 kg. She frequently posts pictures of her model figure and bleached pink hair on Instagram.

Social Media Handles

Kat has over 312k followers on Instagram and goes by the pseudonym @kathleen.hixson. She appears to be inactive on Twitter, though. She is also well-known on TikTok, where her channel @kathleenhixson has 2.9 million subscribers.

Kathleen Hixson posing with a tiger.
Kathleen Hixson posing with a tiger. (Source: Instagram @kathleen.hixson)

Also, Kat uploads videos to her @kat hixson channel on YouTube, where she currently has 723K subscribers. Although being only two years old, this channel has already received more than 40 million views.

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