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Kathy Ambush was the wife of Clarence Thomas who served as the judge, lawyer, and government official of America. She is from Worcester, Massachusetts. Her father is a dental technician in Worcester. Clarence and Kathy got to know each other when Kathy was studying at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Her husband Clarence was the 2nd African-American justice who served for the United States. Clarence was conformed in 1991 narrowly after the case of sexual harassment from Anita Hill. In this article, we will know more about Clarence Thomas’s first wife Kathy Ambus.

10 facts on Kathy Ambush

  1. Kathy is nearly 70 years old now. She was the wife of judge Clarence Thomas.
  2. She completed her graduation from Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  3. Her Father’s name is Nelson Ambush and he was a dental technician in Worcester.
  4. Kathy and Clarence met with each other at college and got married on June 5, 1971, which was the day after the Clarence graduation.
  5. Their relationship didn’t go well so they decided to be separated and they separated in 1981. But after separation also they hadn’t divorced and in 1973 they got divorced.
  6. Kathy and Clarence have one child named Jamal Adeen, in 1973.
  7. She has not disclosed anything about her now. So people are still unknown about her marriage weather she is single now or not.
  8. Her ex-husband Thomas has an allegation by his co-worker Anita but he denied everything and the case was clear. There came a movie about the hearing “conformation”.
  9. Thomas is now married to Virginia Lamp. He had an affair with her after he was separated from Kathy. The couple didn’t have their child so they adopted grandnephew Mark in 1997.
  10. Kathy son is with her and she says she loves to spend her time with her son.

Facts of Kathy Ambush

Name Kathy Ambush
Age around 70
Gender Female
Nationality American
Children 1