Keith Andreen

Keith Erik Andreen was born on August 24, 1974, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA – his zodiac sign is Virgo, and he is of American nationality. He is an actor, film director, and cameraman, but he is perhaps best known as the spouse of well-known American actress Katrina Law.

The Net worth of Keith Andreen

His net worth is expected to be around $100,000 as of August 2020, while Katrina’s net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million.

Early childhood and education

Keith was reared as an only child in Tulsa by his mother, a theatre actor, and father, a car mechanic. Keith grew up focused on his schoolwork, but he was also highly athletic, playing football and soccer while in high school – he also practised acting as a pastime, and appeared in several plays given at his school. He enrolled in 1992, then transferred to a college, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1996.

In the five years that followed, he worked at several positions in his field of study before being given the opportunity to establish his career as an actor.

Movie Characters

He made his film debut in 2001, playing Handsome Hunk in the short film “Making of the SAG Picket Line,” but two years later he played the lead character Todd in the comedy film “Nudity Required,” directed and written by Steven Boe and starring Roberto Raad and Whitney Leigh – it follows two men who are shooting their own porn video to attract women.

Keith appeared as a supporting actor as the Assistant in the 2005 drama film “American Gun,” which explores the lives of different people who are affected by gun legislation in the United States.

Keith played FBI Guard 1 in the action crime film “Richard III,” and Handsome Guy in Theatre in the short film “Love is Love” in 2007. In 2010, Keith played Colton in the short film “Scott Sigler: Ancestor” (uncredited appearance). In 2013, he landed new roles in the mystery thriller film “The Surrogate,” the romantic comedy film “Snow Bride,” and the short film “Pandemic: Book III in the Infected Trilogy.” In 2014, Keith was cast as the Father in Nathaniel Broguiere’s short film “Old Man Death,” which follows a youngster living in a community where Death cycles around collecting people’s souls.

Keith’s most recent film performances were in the drama film “Restored Me,” in which he played Officer Logan, in the short comedy film “All Cock and No Bull!” both in 2016, and in the 2019 comedy film “Ernesto’s Manifesto,” in which he played Zach.

Characters in TV shows

Keith made his TV series debut in 2010 as Xander, one of the lead characters in the science fiction series “The Resistance,” which also starred Sunny Jain and Danny Arroyo and followed the conflict between the power and the rebels in a planet devastated by the disease.

Keith appeared as the Policeman in the episode “BrainCrush” of the family comedy series “Sam & Cat” in 2014, and he also appeared in single episodes of the programs “Mixology” and “Hit the Floor” in the same year. The following year, he appeared as Cowboy in the action crime series “Scorpion” episode “Once Bitten, Twice Die,” as Daddy in two episodes of the horror mystery series “Reaper Tales,” and as Mitch Dye in an episode of the action crime series “Longmire.”

His most recent TV appearances were as a Police Officer in the comedic series “Real Rob,” and as Keith in seven episodes of the short mini-series “Lemon Cove.”

Katrina’s love life and marriage

Keith and Katrina Law met while filming the same movie in 2010, and they began dating a few days later – everyone around them knew about the relationship and assumed it would only last till the filming concluded. Keith and Katrina dated for over three years before married on January 5, 2013, in a small ceremony attended by their closest friends and family; they agreed not to rush into having children because they were both focused on their acting professions. On December 27, 2018, Katrina gave birth to their first and so far only child, Kinsey Ardreen, over six years later.

 Keith Andreen
Keith Andreen with Katrina Law(Source-HealthyCeleb)

Keith hasn’t spoken about any women he may have dated prior to meeting Katrina, but there are reports floating on the internet that he was in two long-term relationships prior to Katrina and that he was once engaged.

Hobbies and other pursuits

  • Keith’s main hobby is photography, and he has stated that if he hadn’t become an actor, he would’ve been a photographer — most of the photos on his Instagram account are his work.
  • He enjoys travelling and has been all over the world, but his favourite place to visit is Africa, where the manner of life is very different from that of Americans and Europeans.
  • He enjoys being in nature, surrounded by trees and animals, and he also enjoys visiting tiny communities where he can talk to people and learn about their cultures. Keith’s favourite season is winter since he adores snow.
  • His favourite actors and actresses are Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, and his favourite films are “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Liar, Liar,” and “Bruce Almighty.”

Physical appearance

Keith has a 46-year-old father. He is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall with brown hair and blue eyes, weighs roughly 160lbs(72kgs), and stands 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall .

Who exactly is Katrina Law?

Katrina Law was born on September 30, 1985, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – her zodiac sign is Libra, and she is of American nationality. She is best recognized for her portrayal of Mira in the first two seasons of the historical series “Spartacus,” named “Blood and Sand” and “Vengeance.”

Katrina Law
Katrina Law(Source-CelebritySphere)

Katrina was reared as an only child in Deptford Township, New Jersey, by her Taiwanese mother and German father with Italian ancestors.

Katrina grew up wanting to be a model, and as a teenager, she was crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA. She became interested in acting while in high school, and after matriculating in 2003, she decided to concentrate on her acting career rather than attend college.

Katrina made her cinematic debut in 2000, as Teen Girl in the black comedy film “Lucky Numbers,” and went on to feature in “Bottomfeeder” (2001), the thriller “Emmett’s Mark” (2002), and “Choker” (2003). (2005). Her next significant appearance was in the action film “Stiletto” in 2008, in which she portrayed the Biker Chick No. 2, and in the short film “3 Minutes” in 2011, Katrina starred as the Female Hunter.

Her most recent film roles were “Death Valley” and “Checkmate,” both in 2015, and the supernatural horror thriller “Darkness Rising” in 2017 – she has recently been cast in the film “Mafiosa,” which is slated to be released in the second half of 2020.

Katrina is best known for her roles in television programs, having made her television debut in 2001 as Ani Bailey in the episode “Man Enough” of the crime drama series “Third Watch.” She rose to prominence in 2007 when she was cast as the lead character Kate Wyman in the television series “The Rookie: CTU.” She first debuted as Amber in two episodes of the action thriller web series “Chosen” in 2013, and the following year as Nyssa al Ghul in the popular superhero series “Arrow,” which aired until 2020.

In 2016, she appeared as a guest star in the episode “River of Time” of the superhero series “Legends of Tomorrow,” and in 2017, she portrayed the lead character Detective Rebecca Lee in the crime thriller series “Training Day.” In 2018, she played another lead role, as Karen Beach in the crime web series “The Oath,” while some of her most recent TV roles have been in the web series “Sacred Lies,” where she has been portraying the supporting character Miss Bailey since 2018, the action police procedural series “Hawaii Five-0,” where she played the main character Quinn Liu in 2019, and the crime action series “Magic City.”

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