Keith Hufnagel

Keith Hufnagel was a professional American skateboarder who was well-known for his exceptional skating abilities, which made him one of the first professional skateboarders in the world. He was known as a great skateboarder who shaped the East Coast skating scene in the 1990s. Real Skateboards, Thunder, Spitfire, and HUF were among his sponsors.

Hufnagel, who was born in 1974, obtained his first skateboard at the age of four and has considered skateboards to be one of his lifelong buddies. He was not only a great pro-skater, but he also founded and designed his own skateboard and clothing company, “HUF,” making him one of the first skaters to do so. After he began skateboarding and tagging “HUF ONE” wherever he went, he earned the nickname “HUF.” Keith was also the proprietor of the fashion wear brand “Metropolitan,” according to his Instagram.

However, after a long struggle with brain tumors, he passed away on September 24, 2020, leaving everyone in anguish and loss. He was 46 years old at the time of his death. He was very active on social media, with over 106k followers on his verified Instagram account, @keithhufnagel.

What was the Net Worth of Keith Hufnagel?

Keith Hufnagel, professional career as a skateboarder and as the founder of the iconic brand “HUF” earned him a good living. Hufnagel never looked back and never regretted what he did for the previous several decades after taking the first steps in his career to do what he loved to do: skate.

Hufnagel has amassed a sizable income from his “HUF” brand, which distributes skateboards and clothing. His fortune is estimated to be worth over $13 million.

What was Keith Hufnagel Famous for?

  • Famous as a pro-skater.
  • Known as the founder of the skateboard and clothing company, “HUF”.
Keith Hufnagel
Skater icon Keith Hufnagel died at the age of 46 in September 2020.
(Source: @tweet247)

Where was Keith Hufnagel Born?

Keith Hufnagel was born in the United States on January 21, 1974, in New York City. Keith Hufnagel was his birth name. He was an American citizen. Hufnagel was of White ethnicity, and his zodiac sign was Aquarius.

Kufnagel, who was born and nurtured in the opulent city of New York City, has been interested in sports since childhood, and he selected skating as his life companion when he was very young. Hufnagel got his first skateboard when he was four years old. He had come a long way with his enthusiasm for skateboarding, becoming one of the world’s most famous skaters.

Keith grew up with his brother, Chirs Hufnagel, and always adored his parents, as seen by the fact that he shared a photo of himself with his late father and brother on Father’s Day, June 22, 2020.

How Did Keith Hufnagel Die?

After a two-and-a-half-year fight with a brain tumor, Keith Hufnagel died at the age of 46. He died surrounded by his wife, Mariellen, children, and friends after succumbing to the disease. On Thursday, September 24, 2020, news of his death spread over the internet.

Despite beating the odds and fighting for much longer to do what he loved throughout his life, he inevitably and regrettably lost the fight this time. Following the news of the renowned skateboarder’s death, many of his fans, relatives, and loved ones have expressed their grief and astonishment.

His own brand, HUF Worldwide, released a lengthy statement about his death, which included the phrases, “Keith was more than just HUF’s “HUF” Nagel. He was the lifeblood of the company. No one else could have developed and brought together a community like he could. Keith’s legacy will be preserved at HUF. Today, tomorrow, and in the future. Keith, may you rest in peace.”

What was the cause of his death?

Keith Hufnagel
Skater icon Keith Hufnagel. (Source: @lowdownmagazine)

Even the United States Skateboarding Association tweeted about how saddened they were to learn of Hufnagel’s death. The text of the tweet is as follows: “We are heartbroken to learn about Keith Hufnagel’s death. His influence on skateboarding will live on forever, both on and off the board as a designer, brand owner/founder, and friend. Keith, may you rest in peace. #hufnagel #keithhufnagel”

It wasn’t just this; many of his loved ones have made heartfelt essays and tweeted about how lovely he was and how he was a great person who would always be with us.

Keith Hufnagel’s SkateBoarding Career and “HUF” Legacy:

  • Keith Hufnagel started skateboarding as a teenager. Then he moved to the West Coast from New York, where he picked up the nickname “HUF” while skateboarding and tagging. Skating was also not accepted as a sport or a lifestyle by the American culture.
    He arrived as an outsider, prompting him to seek out a genuine skateboarding community and culture.
    Hufnagel then relocated to San Francisco to pursue a full-time skateboarding career, spending decades skating all over the city and world.
    In 2002, while living and skating in San Francisco, he decided to open the first “HUF” retail shop after moving from New York to the West Coast. After supplying rare skateboards, streetwear clothing, and sneakers, it later added HUF-branded tees and caps. After 5 years, HUF launches its first full apparel collection in 2007, and in 2010 it launches its first skate team.
    In 2011, the company caused a stir with its “F*UCK IT” apparel and footwear drops. HUF debuted its first signature shoe in 2014 for skate team member Dylan Rieder, who died of cancer in 2016. In 2016, a new HUF store opened in Hufnagel’s hometown of New York, extending HUF’s reach in Japan.
    For the fall 2018 “King of Beers” collection, HUF partnered with Budweiser. Keith founded the HUF because he was a respected professional skateboarder, shop owner, brand founder, footwear and apparel designer, creative director, and industry leader.
    His legacy with HUF will live on even if he isn’t.
Keith Hufnagel
Keith Hufnagel and his wife, Mariellen. (Source: @gettyimages)

Who is Keith Hufnagel’s Wife?

Keith Hufnagel was a husband and father. Hufnagel married twice in his lifetime, till his death. Hufnagel was married to Mariellen Olson, his second and final wife, with whom he had two sons: Keenan Hufnagel and Zeke Hufnagel. Keith even took to Instagram on May 16, 2020, to wish his wife and their sons a happy Mother’s Day.

He was also an optimist and a supportive man who not only wanted him to succeed but was also passionate about seeing others achieve. Keith was a huge fan of skateboarding and the culture that surrounded it, and he always did things his way, for the right reasons. He influenced so many individuals all around the world.

He cared deeply about and supported those around him, and he would go to great lengths for his friends, family, and children.

How Tall was Keith Hufnagel?

When he died, Keith Hufnagel was a good-looking, personable man in his mid-40s. Hufnagel had garnered a lot of respect and love all over the world for his wonderful sport mentality and skating techniques. His height was 5ft. 7inches, and his weight was roughly 65kg.

He was fair-skinned, with balding hair and blue eyes.

Quick Facts :

Celebrated Name Keith Hufnagel
Age 47 Years
Nick Name Keith
Birth Name Keith Hufnagel
Birth Date 1974-01-21
Gender Male
Profession Skateboarder
Birth Nation United States
Place Of Birth New York City, New York
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Acquarius
Brothers Chirs Hufnagel
Famous For Famous as a pro-skater
Best Known For Known as the founder of skateboard and clothing company, “HUF”
Death Date September 24, 2020
Cause Of Death Brain tumor
Wife Mariellen Olson
Net Worth $13 million
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Height 5ft. 6inch
Weight 65kg(143 lbs)
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue

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