Kelli Saam

Kelli Saam is an Emmy Award-winning journalist from the United States. This Journalist is also known for her Ventriloquist abilities. Not only that, but she and her husband, Jerry Olenyn, are regulars on Channel 24’s evening news.

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What is the Net worth of Kelli Saam?

Kelli Saam in her office. Image Source Twitter
Kelli Saam in her office. (Source Twitter)

Kelli is a journalist, anchor, and managing editor from the United States. According to, Kelli’s annual salary as a Journalist is roughly $37,585. Furthermore, anchor Saam is well compensated. With her earnings, this journalist enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, her job as a Journalist and Managing Editor is her primary source of income. Anchor In terms of her pay, Kelli’s net worth is estimated to be between $600,000 and $1 million. She is a self-aware individual. As a result, her net worth isn’t exact. In addition, the reporter has spoiled herself with expensive goods and nice vacations thanks to her profits.

Working on Channel 7 as a career

This well-known journalist is a Michigan State University graduate. Kelli began working at KRCR in October of 2010. This personality enjoys traveling, and after visiting a variety of locations, she chose Northstate as her favorite. She also believes it is the finest place to start a family. Kelli is the best news reporter in the state of Tennessee, having covered stories from Northstate to Nashville. Saam is a journalist who works as both a Daybreak Anchor and a Managing Editor. In 2010, she also appeared on Channel 24’s evening news.

Jerry Olenyn, her husband

Kelli Saam with her husband and Sons. Image Source Twitter
Kelli Saam with her husband and Sons.( Source Twitter)

Jerry Olenyn, who is also an anchor at KRCR-TV, is Saam’s partner. Her spouse worked as a reporter and anchor for KATU-TV, WKRC-TV, KSNV-TV, WTTE-TV, KCVU-TV, WCIV-TV, and other television stations. The names of the two boys of this famous couple have not been published. This duo is also well-known for being photographed by newscasters. Ms. Saam is said to have deceived KNVN management by appearing to sip water and making her spouse talk. She is, nevertheless, a dedicated journalist who devotes the most of her time to her work. The American reporter’s personal information is unknown. She was, however, raised in the Chicago suburbs. Anchor is a native of the United States. Kelli’s mother also worked part-time in a grocery shop. Her father works as a quality-control manager at the large Caterpillar facility at the same time. Saam’s family backed her up in everything she did. Kelli has a slender physique. We can conclude that she is health-conscious. There is no information available on her height or weight.

Twitter and other social media sites

Kelli is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, this brilliant personality is active on Twitter with the handle @kellisaam, which has 2.6k followers, and on Facebook with the handle @Kelli Saam KRCR News Channel 7, which has 6.9k followers. Kelli primarily uses Twitter and Facebook to share news. Saam is also constantly active on Twitter and Facebook, where he posts news. She enjoys blogging and sharing news to her audience or followers like a journalist. Saam isn’t a big fan of Instagram.

Quick Facts about Kelli Saam

  • Full Name:Kelli Saam
  • Marital Status:Married
  • Profession:Journalist
  • Nationality:American
  • Spouse:Jerry Olenyn
  • Education:Graduated From Michigan State University
  • Children:2 sons