Kelly Coffield Park – Actress, Comedian, Writer | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career

Quick Facts

Full Name Kelly Coffield Park
Last Name Park
Nationality American
Country USA
Net worth $1 Million
Profession Actress, Writer, Comedian
Updated 2023

American actress, comedian, and writer Kelly Coffield Park is well-known for her roles in movies and television. Park’s most well-known performance was as a cast member of the 1990–1994 television sketch comedy program In Living Color.

Many have recognized Park’s brilliance and humorous timing. Her art has appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Kidding, The Good Wife, and Lethal Weapon.

How much is the Net Worth of Kelly Coffeild Park?

Kelly Coffeild Park, like actress Marina Salas, is projected to have a net worth of at least $1 million. She is extremely wealthy, but she and her family have modest lifestyles in the US, where the average annual cost of living is between $2500 and $3500. Park is an actor and comedian who won a 2012 TV Land Award and has been in the entertainment business since 1989.

Kelly Coffield Park is a millionaire.
Kelly Coffield Park is a millionaire. Source: Instagram @kellycoffeildpark

Throughout her career, Kelly has contributed to a number of financially successful films and television shows. Additionally, Kelly’s spouse, Steve Parker, is a comedian and actress with a comparable net worth. The husband and wife team are multimillionaires together. Park has not yet discussed her real estate holdings.

Early Years and Family

On January 19, 1962, Kelly Coffeild Park was born in Des Plaines, Illinois, in the United States. Kelly’s age, as determined by her birthday, puts her in her early 60s. Compared to her husband Steve Park, who was born in 1951, she is eleven years younger. The parents of Kelly Coffeild Park commemorated their 61st wedding anniversary in 2019.

In 2019, the parents of Kelly Coffeild Park commemorated their 61st wedding anniversary. Source: Instagram @kellycoffeildpark Park has concealed the majority of information about her early life, including the names of her parents. However, her parents celebrated their 61-year marriage on June 15, 2019 as husband and wife.

Professional Career of Kelly Coffeild Park:

Television Series & Films

Kelly Coffeild Park is one of the well-known stars in the film industry. In 1989, Park made her feature film debut at the age of 27 in Field of Dreams.

Park has 46 acting credits after that and has been in a number of other films and TV shows. Kidding, a TV series that she worked on recently (2018–2020), is among Kelly Coffeild Park’s films and TV shows.

Title Release Date
Scary Movie 2000
Jerry Maguire 1996
Bride Wars 2009
The Specials 2000
Nature Calls 2012
Highway 2012
Pant Suits… 2015
Lucky 13 2005
Little Man 2006

Who is the husband of Kelly Coffeild Park?

Since 2010, Kelly Coffeild Park has been Steve Parker’s spouse. Steve, Kelly’s spouse, is also an American comedian and actress. When the couple first met on the set of In Living Color in 1990, their eyes met.

Kelly Coffield Park and her beau Steve Park.
Kelly Coffield Park and her beau Steve Park. Source: Instagram @kellycoffieldpark

Steve and Kelly were married on December 31, 1999, and each year on New Year’s Day, they commemorate their marriage anniversary. Park expresses her love and respect for her spouse by wishing him a happy birthday and anniversary. Kelly wrote on December 31, 2022:

To my standing excuse to stay in on New Year’s Eve! Happy anniversary, my love.

How many Children does Kelly Coffeild Park have?

Kelly Coffeild Park, who was blissfully married to Steve Parker, is the proud mother of a son and a girl. Eliza Park is her daughter’s name, and Owen Park is her son. Owen is in his mid-20s and was born on September 25, 2000. On August 14, 2023, Kelly also wished her daughter a happy 21st birthday.

Kelly Coffield Park with her son Oliver Park and daughter Eliza Park.
Kelly Coffield Park with her son Oliver Park and daughter Eliza Park. Source: Instagram @kellycoffeildpark

Parker, a devoted mother, frequently posts photos of her kids on Instagram. As she posted a collection of photos of her children from early childhood to the present, she wrote:

I am one lucky Mom. ♥️💐💐♥️💐💐♥️💐💐♥️

What Are Kelly Coffield Park ‘In Living Color’ Characters?

One of the original cast members of In Living Color is Kelly Coffield Park. The TV show aired from 1990 until 1994. In this series, Kelly collaborated with well-known performers Jim Carrey and Kennen Ivory Wayans.

Kelly played a number of roles in the show, including Daisy Werthan and Beverly Trapp. She and her fellow musicians shared the 2012 TV Land Awards as well.

Know About Kelly Coffield Park Pets

Kelly Coffield Park owns a dog and enjoys spending time with them. Patrick is its name, and it is a Cockapoo. Park frequently posts images of her animal companion to Instagram.

On August 27, 2021, National Dogs Day, Park wished Patrick on Instagram @kellycoffieldpark. She uploaded an up-close photo of her beloved puppy. Kelly spends time with her pet and walks it herself.

Social Media: Instagram

Kelly Coffield Park uses Instagram frequently. She has more than 2,000 followers on her account, @kellycoffieldpark.

Park shares aspects of her life on her Instagram account. She has used this platform to discuss her love life, motherhood, and career. She doesn’t appear to utilize any other social media sites besides Instagram.

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