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Quick Facts

Birth Date 1960
Full Name Kelly Knievel
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Evel Knievel
Father Profession Businessman, Stuntman
Mother Name Linda Knievel
Marital Status Married
Spouse Paige Yahraus
Networth $1.7 million
Sibilings Robbie Knievel, Tracy Knievel, Alicia Knievel

American actress and producer Kelly Knievel has been in the entertainment business since 2012. Knievel has contributed to a number of projects, such as Being Evei Knievel and Evel Knievel: Snake River Canyon.

Being the eldest son of motorcycle jumper Evel Knievel, a daredevil, has made Knievel well-known. 1999 saw Evel’s induction into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

How much is the Net worth of Kelly Knievel?

Kelly Knievel, the producer of Stuntman, came from a wealthy background. Evel Knievel, his late father, was worth $3 million when he passed away. Like Nicole Fiscella, Kelly Knievel is reported to be worth $1.7 million. Kelly’s work as an actor and producer provides the majority of his income.

Evil Knievel pie is now managed by Kelly Knievel.
Evil Knievel pie is now managed by Kelly Knievel. Source: Las Vegas Review

Since joining the entertainment industry in 2012, he has accrued 3 acting credits and 6 producing credits on his IMDb profile. In addition, Knievel made some cash by winning golf tournaments. Every year, he plays about 180 rounds. Kelly currently oversees his father’s renowned company, which has a licencing agreement with Evel Pie.

What Is Kelly Knevel’s Age?

Kelly Knievel is in his mid-50s based on his birthdate. The producer of Stuntman was born in 1960. He is the son of Evel Knievel, the daredevil motorcycle jumper, and Linda Knievel.

Kelly Knievel is the eldest son of Evel Knievel.
Kelly Knievel is the eldest son of Evel Knievel. Source: Audacy

Knievel’s parents reared him with his three brothers. Similar like Amanda Brynn Mickelson, he has had a youthful passion in golf. When Kelly was eleven years old in 1971, he played golf with Evel for the first time.

Kelly has not given the world many facts about his early years, including his schooling. But Robbie Knievel, his brother, attended Central Catholic High School in Butte, Montana, from 1975 to 1976, but he never received his diploma.

How many siblings did Kelly Knievel have?

Evel and Linda Knievel’s eldest child is Kelly Knievel. He has two sisters, Tracey and Alicia Knievel, and a brother, Robbie Knievel. His two sisters have stayed out of the spotlight. Like their father, Knievel’s brother Robbie is an American stuntman.

Evel Knievel with Kelly Knievel and Robbie Knievel.
Evel Knievel with Kelly Knievel and Robbie Knievel. Source: The Guardian

At the juvenile age of seven, he learnt how to operate a motorcycle after beginning to ride a bicycle at the age of four. Robbie’s career as a stuntman is fantastic. He has performed Daredevil jumps, much like Evel. In addition, he launched a brand-new company named Knievel’s Custom Cycles.

Knievel is the father of three daughters: Maria, Karmen, and Krysten. Furthermore, he is the grandfather of two grandchildren. Regretfully, Robbie passed away in Reno, Nevada, at the age of 60 from pancreatic cancer.

Professional Career of Kelly Knievel:

Films & Television Shows

Robbie has pursued Evel Knievel’s career as a stuntman, while Kelly has pursued her career as a filmmaker. In 2012, Knievel embarked on his acting career. Knievel made an appearance in the Snake River Canyon video, Evel Knievel.

He was cast in the TV miniseries The Mancode that same year. He then worked on a short film titled The Evil Knievel Way. Kelly has produced a few films and TV shows in addition to her performing career. This is a list of the productions that Knievel produced.

Movie / TV Series Release Date
Stuntman 2018
Storyville 2016
Collision Course 2018
The Evel Knievel Way 2020
Being Evel 2015

Kelly Knievel | Golf Ventures

Evel Knievel, Kelly’s late father, taught him to golf. The Stuntsman producer initially played a game with his father in 1971, as previously indicated.

Kelly Knievel started playing golf at a young age..
Kelly Knievel started playing golf at a young age. Source: Si

Kelly, the 2019 Nevada state amateur champion, said playing with his father was enjoyable. He uttered,

“My dad was fun to play golf with and he liked the interaction with other people,”

Kelly plays with a fierce sense of competition. The actor from Evel Knievel Way declared he wouldn’t play golf in the absence of competition.

What Happened To Linda Knievel?

Linda Knievel, Kelly Knievel’s mother, may still be alive. Since splitting from Evel Knievel, she has kept a quiet profile. Linda and Kelly were the former couple’s high school sweethearts. After being married in 1959, they spent 38 years as husband and wife. Kelly’s parents separated and then divorced in 1997.

Who is the Wife of Kelly Knievel?

Paige Yahraus is Kelly Knievel’s wife; the couple got married on December 24, 2020. As a private couple, Kelly and Paige would rather keep their love lives out of the spotlight. This explains why there isn’t much information about Knievel and Yahraus’ married lives in the public domain.

Kelly has been effective in hiding the name of his boyfriend as he is Evel’s producer. The producer of Being Evel’s second wife is Paige Yahraus, the first wife of Kelly Knievel. Kelly Knievel had already said “I do” to Paige and walked down the aisle. The American producer was married to Shelli Knievel for 14 years, during which time she became her first wife.

The couple exchanged vows on November 23, 2002. Sadly, Kelly and Shelli, the previous couple, were unable to maintain their connection. August 2016 saw their official separation. Neither of the former couple has revealed the cause for their divorce to far.

Kelly Knievel’s Law Suit

Kelly Knievel has fought in a number of court cases. In Schreiber v. Knievel, he filed a motion for penalties on the grounds that the plaintiff’s complaint had errors. In a similar vein, Knievel filed a lawsuit against Disney and Pixar in 2023. He protested that his father’s likeness was improperly used in “Toy Story 4.”

In addition, the National Motorcycle Museum was sued by his company, K&K Promotions. Kelly claimed that the display and selling of Evel Knievel memorabilia constituted unjust enrichment and trademark infringement in the complaint.

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