Kim Jong Un Net Worth – $5 Billion

What is Kim Jong-Un’s net worth?

Kim Jong-net Un’s net worth is predicted to reach $5 billion as of November 2022.

Net Worth:

$5 Billion


39 years old


January 8, 1983




1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Country of Origin:

North Korea

Source of Wealth:

President of North Korea

Last Updated:

November 3, 2022

The name Kim Jong-Un is well-known throughout the world for his totalitarian and brutal actions. He is the chairman of the Korean Workers Party and a political figure. He is North Korea’s supreme leader and has been in charge since 2011, when his father passed away. In this article you can find Kim Jong-Un’s Wife, Age, Bio, son, Sister, Security, Rules etc.

We shall talk about Mr. Kim Jong-life Un’s in this article, with a focus on his fortune and net worth. He was a child of Kim Jong-Il and singer Ko Yong-Hui. He has a younger sister, an older brother, and a half-brother. Kim most likely pretended to be a diplomat’s kid in order to enroll in a private school in Switzerland.

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What is the Net Worth of Kim Jong Un?

In terms of his private life, he is a family man who is committed to his wife and kids. Regarding his net worth, it is estimated to be around $5 billion, On the Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people for 2018, Kim is placed number 36.

Net Worth (2022) $5 Billion
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 39000 Crore INR
Profession Supreme Leader of North Korea
Monthly Income And Salary $34 Million
Yearly Income $410 Million +
Last Updated 2022

How much is the total Assets of North Korean President Kim Jong UN?

Residence: He resides in the North Korean presidential mansion known as Ryongsong Residence. It features banquet rooms, a shooting range, an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a huge waterslide, spas, and running tracks. The palace is also well-guarded and safeguarded in case of conflict. The rooms have opulent interiors. In addition to this, he also owns 17 other palaces and a private island.

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 Car collection of Kim Jong

  • Mercedes Maybach S600 PG
  • Mercedes Maybach S62
  • He owns a fleet of 30 Mercedes Cars.
  • He has a private jet worth 1.5 million US dollar and
  • A custom made 200 feet Yacht

Basketball, video games, and Jackie Chan action flicks are some of his pastimes. He enjoys splurging on alcohol, animals, and cologne. He smokes a lot as well. Despite all the amenities and conveniences a dictatorship can provide, Kim has diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, and psychological problems.

Short Biography of Kim Jong Un | Wife & Sister of Kim Jong Un

There is relatively little information known regarding Kim Jong-early Un’s years because North Korea is a fairly closed society and he has spent the majority of his life hidden from the public. Although the precise date of his birth is unknown, North Korean authorities claim it to be January 8, 1982. Other names for him include “Nuclear Lunatic” and “Overweight Madman.”

Kim Jong Un and his Sister,

He went back to Pyongyang and enrolled at Kim II-Sung University. Although he earned degrees in both military science and physics. He was an Army officer. North Koreans chant praising songs for Kim Jong-Un and regard him as a divine figure. He was chosen to lead the Military Commission as well. He is a third-generation North Korean leader.

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Kim Jong-Un occasionally appears in public, unlike his father. Kim favors national industrial development to reduce reliance on anyone, even allies. Although he is making a lot of effort to advance North Korea, many of his actions are problematic for other nations across the world.

Youngest Dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un appears with his wife Ri Sol Ju, Source: wall street of journal

To combat the rampant malnutrition and food shortages in North Korea, he has been advocating economic and cultural reforms. He has commanded the building of numerous theme parks and ski resorts. In the harsh prison camps of North Korea, his regime has violated innumerable human rights. Despite nuclear sanctions, he started conducting nuclear weapon tests.

Early Years of North Korean President Kim Jong Un

Kim, Kim Jong-third il’s son, is thought to have been born in North Korea on January 8, 1982. According to reports, Kim studied in Switzerland from 1993 to 2000. These rumors have not been confirmed because he attended using a false identity. He attended Kim Il-sung University, a top institution for officer training, after returning to North Korea.

Professional Political Career of Kim Jong Un

In 2011, Kim Jong-un started his political career by having many of his father’s top officials removed or put to death, including his uncle.

According to rumors, Jang Song-thaek, his uncle, was put to death for being a traitor and hatching a plot to destroy the government. Kim Jong-Nam, Kim’s older half-brother, was also put to death in a Malaysian airport in 2017.

With a fifth underground nuclear test in September 2016, North Korea has increased the number of weapons it is testing. International outcry resulted after North Korea’s medium-long-range ballistic missile test in February 2017.

Most recently, Kim sent delegations to the Olympics in an effort to improve relations with South Korea.

The first member of the royal family of North Korea to travel to South Korea was Kim’s younger sister, who attended the Games and had dinner with the president of that country.

Despite Kim’s promise to concentrate on restoring the nation’s educational, agricultural, and economic improvements, South Korea continues to claim that North Korea violates human rights. The allegations are based on the executions of numerous officials.

Conditions in North Korean prison camps lead to additional abuses of human rights. Following an examination of the prisons, it was determined that 10 of the 11 internationally acknowledged war crimes had been committed in the political prisons.

Kim Jong-Un has a $5 billion net worth as of November 2022.

What are the famous quotes by Kim Jong-Un ?


“When young people are powerful, our Party and People’s Army are powerful, and there is nothing for us to be afraid of.” – Kim Jong-Un

“Patriotism is not an abstract concept. It begins with one’s own home. It buds out from the love for one’s parents, spouses and children, the love for one’s own home, village and workplace, and further develops into the love for one’s country and fellow people.” – KimJong-Un

“The days are gone forever when our enemies could blackmail us with nuclear bombs.” – KimJong-Un

“Our young people are patriots and heroes of whom we can be proud of before the world; that they have a large contingent of such trustworthy young people is a great blessing for the Workers’ Party of Korea. And a source of pride for Korea, and this assures the great strength of our dignified state and its bright future.” – KimJong-Un

“When young people are powerful, our Party and People’s Army are powerful, and there is nothing for us to be afraid of.” – Kim Jong-Un

“Nothing will be beyond our reach when we make the flames of creating positive deeds flare up across the country with the virtues of the young vanguard as the initial spark and bring into full play the mounting vigor of the millions of young people.” – Kim Jong-Un


How much is Kim Jong-Un worth?

Kim Jong-Un is thought to be worth $5 billion.

How old is Kim Jong-Un?

Kim Jong-Un, who is currently 39 years old, was born on January 8, 1983.

How tall is Kim Jong-Un?

The height of Kim Jong-Un is 1.75 m, or 5 ft 9 in.


Although little is known about North Korea’s new leader, he is running the nation just like his father and grandfather did. With the leader in charge of the military and the administration, North Korea is maintained as a dictatorship.

Kim will maintain establishing his regime while keeping the nation veiled in secrecy.

Kim Jong-net Un’s wealth is predicted to reach $5 billion as of November 2022.

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Kim Jong Un’s Bio, Wiki and Facts

Name: Kim Jong UN
Salary: $410 Million +
Monthly Income: $34 Million +
Date of Birth: January 8, 1984
Gender: Male
Height: 1.70 M (5′ 6″)
Profession: Supreme Leader of North Korea
Nationality: North Korean

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Affect Kim Jong Un’s Net Worth?

As long as he maintains his position of authority, his net worth will rise. Although it is believed that a large portion of his wealth was obtained illegally, this has no bearing on his earnings or net worth.

What about Kim Jong Un are the most fascinating facts?

The following are some of his most intriguing characteristics: He is the youngest dictator in history. In order to look like his grandfather Kim II Sung, he had plastic surgery. In North Korea, people love his hairstyle, which even has a name: ambitious.

Who is the youngest dictator in the world?

The youngest autocrat in the world is Kim Jong Un.