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About George Negus’ Wife – Kirsty Cockburn Wiki / Bio

Full Real Name Kirsty Ferguson Cockburn.
Other Name(s) 1. Kirsty Cockburn.
2. Kirsty Negus.
Date of Birth B/W 1952-1955.
Age (as of 2022) B/W 67-70 years old.
Place of Birth Adelaide, Australia.
Religion Christianity.
Net worth USD 3-4 Million (approx.).
School/College St Peters Collegiate Girls School.
Scotch College.
Education Graduate in Journalism.
Profession Journalist, entrepreneur, and celebrity spouse.
Ethnicity White.
Nationality Australian.

Kirsty Cockburn (born between 1952 and 1955; age 67-70) is an Australian journalist, entrepreneur, writer, celebrity spouse, media figure, and Internet personality. She is well-known in Australia as the wife of George Negus, a well-known Australian journalist and entrepreneur. Let me tell you that George’s show, ‘6.30 with George Negus,’ is the most well-known in the country.

What is the net worth of Kirsty Cockburn ?

Kirsty Cockburn lives a luxury lifestyle in addition to her sources of income. For 15 years, she lived in a mansion in New South Wales. After that, she and her better half moved to Bellingen. She also has a number of high-end automobiles and other electronic devices. According to accounts, she earns a substantial sum of money from her job at Negus Media. She used to charge a lot of money for reporting in different media outlets. She would have a net worth of roughly USD 3-4 million, based on basic calculations (approx.).

Childhood and education

Wiki – Cockburn has been tight-lipped about her personal life. We performed a lot of investigation but couldn’t find any specific information about her age or birthdate. She was born in Adelaide, Australia, sometime between 1952 and 1955, according to a guess. Her age is estimated to be between 67 and 70 years old (as of 2022).

Kirsty Negus and Kirsty Ferguson Cockburn are her other names. For more than 15 years, she and her family lived in New South Wales, Australia. In terms of her schooling, she received her elementary education at a regional school.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she completed her high school education at St Peters Collegiate Girls School in Adelaide. She then went to Scotch College in Adelaide to get her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She finished her three-year internship with the Adelaide Advertiser after that.

Family  background

Biodata – George Negus’ wife kept her social media accounts secret and sought to keep her personal life out of the public eye. After doing a lot of research on the internet, we discovered that her father’s name is Stewart Cockburn, and he was a well-known award-winning journalist. Her mother, Beatrice Cockburn, died in the late 1980s, according to the official website of ‘Negus Media.’

Jennifer Cashmore, a politician, was her father’s remarried wife. In terms of her siblings, she had a brother named Malcolm Cockburn, who died in the late 1980s as well. Carol Cockburn, her older sister, is her mother. Let me tell you that Kirsty’s husband George Negus’ mother’s name was Doris Negus, and she passed away a few years ago.

Furthermore, his father’s identity is unknown, but he was a mechanic who died in a work accident. She also comes from a white ethnic background and follows the Christian religion. As a result of her birth, she is an Australian citizen.

Kirsty Cockburn’s Husband

Kirsty Ferguson Cockburn is a gifted and intelligent woman. She married George Negus with the blessings of all of her family members and relatives, according to accounts. The actual date of the wedding is unknown at this time. According to sources, the two have been together for more than 35 years. George Negus is a well-known reporter and entrepreneur, as everyone knows.

Kirsty Cockburn and George Negus, her husband.,Source;Instagram

He also worked as a radio host. He is most known for hosting the ‘6.30 with George Negus’ show on Network Ten, according to reports. George has been suffering from dementia for the past three months, according to official sources. He is receiving treated in a Sydney nursing home. Many celebs and their admirers are sending their best wishes to him.

George Negus and Kirsty Cockburn are the parents of two wonderful children. Their older son’s name is Ned Cockburn. Let me tell you that the couple welcomed their second child, Serge Cockburn, in 1990. He began his career as a child actor when he was quite young. He currently does extensive research on several snake species.

Do you know about the Kirsty Cockburn’s profession?

Kirsty Cockburn aspired to be a mother and follow in her father’s footsteps. She began working as an Investigative Reporter at the Adelaide Advertiser in 1973, according to her LinkedIn page. She spent 7 years here before moving on to ‘The Western Mail.’ She began her career as a Features Writer. Kirsty began working as a reporter for ‘Channel Ten’ in June 1982. She also worked for Channel Nine for six years as a correspondent.

Negus Media International is a media company based in the United States

In March 1988, she and her husband founded a company called ‘Negus Media International Pvt Ltd.’ She started as a director and now manages the majority of her company’s business. She is also in charge of the incorporation’s management.

Negus Media International’s director is Kirsty Cockburn.,Source;Instagram

She also oversees NMI’s corporate operations, including the financing, executive production, and marketing of various independent documentaries. She also aided George in his research and planning.

Kirsty Cockburn: 7 Things You Should Know

  • Kirsty’s Instagram account, which has 303 followers and 312 posts, has been made private (as of February 2022).
  • She’s been to a few of George’s events and parties.
  • The well-known journalist volunteered as a media consultant for the group ‘Save The Kimberley.’
  • She enjoys going shopping with her husband.
  • George Negus’ wife is knowledgeable in a variety of fields, including research, public speaking, marketing, Project Facilitation, storytelling, and more.
  • She is enthusiastic about environmental issues, wildlife, and a variety of other topics.
  • Kirsty Cockburn gained knowledge of international politics as well.

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