Kyra Monique Kotsur

Quick Facts

Birth Date September 8,2005
Full Name Monique Kotsur Kyra
Birth Name Kyra Monique Kotsur
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth City Mesa, Arizona,
Birth Country United States
Father Name Troy Kotsur Kyra
Father Profession Actor, Director and Producer
Mother Name Deanne Bray
Mother Profession Actress, Sign Language Communicator
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Virgo
Marital Status Single
Height 162 cm
Weight 85 kg
Education Sign Language (ASL)
Religion Christianity

A famous star kid is Kyra Monique Kotsur. She is the daughter of Deanne Bray, a well-known American actress who gained notoriety for her roles in Universal Sign, No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie, and 2 Girl Broke. In a similar vein, Troy Kotsur, her father, is a well-known American actor best known for playing Frank Rossi in CODA.

What the Net Worth of Kyra Maonique Kotsur?

Kyra Monique Kotsur, meanwhile, is still young enough to pursue any career. As of right now, her attention is still on her schooling. She leads a lavish lifestyle as the richest celebrity child, exactly like other famous kids.

Her parents, though, are successful actors and earn a nice living. Deanne’s mother has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. She earned this sum over the course of her professional playing roles in “V” movies and “The Revenant.” Similar to Kyra, her father has a $15 million net worth that he has accumulated via his prosperous acting career.

Early Years

Kyra was reared by her parents at her hometown under their supervision after being born on September 8, 2005, in the United States of America. She also decided to pursue a profession in her native country.


Kyra Monique Kotsur posing with her father, Troy Kotsur and her mother, Deanne Bray in her early days.
Kyra Monique Kotsur posing with her father, Troy Kotsur and her mother, Deanne Bray in her early days. Image source: Facebook

She had good manners and was a charming girl since she was little. Also, She was friendly and always willing to lend a hand to those in need. She has loved music her entire life and used to enjoy playing the guitar in her spare time. Kyra is the child of Troy Kotsur and Deanne Bray. Both her mother and father are well-known figures in the movie business. In addition to their busy schedules, Kyra’s parents also spend the majority of their free time with her.

She was raised in a loving home and received all the help and resources she need from her family. She and her parents have a close relationship. Kyra’s paternal grandma Sylvia Powell took an interest in her health as a child.

About Kyra’s Father

Troy Kotsur, Kyra’s father, is an internationally renowned American actor. He was created on July 24, 1968, in Mesa, Arizona, in the USA. Since the day he was born, he was deaf. When it comes to his professional life, he made his acting debut in the 2001 television series Strong Medicine, playing the part of Lars. In his career, he has received 18 honors, including one “Oscar Award.” He received the “Academy Film Award,” the “Screen Actors Guild Award,” and the “Critics Choice Movie Award” for his performance as Frank Rossi in CODA, among other honors.

Kyra Monique Kotsur posing for a photoshoot by wearing a black outfit.
Kyra Monique Kotsur posing with her father, Troy Kotsur and her mother, Deanne Bray. Image source: Sound health and lasting wealth

About Kyra’s Mother

Deanne Bray, Kyra’s mother, is a well-known American actress. Since she was young, she has been deaf. She works on television as an American language communicator in addition to her acting profession. In terms of her acting career, she made her screen debut in the 1995 film Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct: Lightning, playing the part of Teddy Franklin. She received the “Grace Award” in 2006 for Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye, one of the year’s most popular motion pictures. She is still employed as an actor in the American entertainment sector.

Education Background

The well-educated celebrity daughter Kyra completed her elementary and high school education at a private institution in her hometown. She might pursue her higher education at a well regarded university based on her parent’s status and fortune. Also, She is also learning American Sign Language because her guardians have a hard time hearing, which will help her become more useful in the Deaf community. She took the ASL test in 2019, and the outcome was favorable.

IMDb Profile

Kyra does not currently have a profile on IMDb. Her parents do, however, have individual IMDb pages. Troy Kotsur, her father, has nineteen award victories and sixteen acting credits to his name according to IMDb. In a similar vein, Deanne Kotsur, her mother, has 26 acting credits to her name and one award victory on IMDb. Troy Kotsur’s daughter is not active on any social media platforms, and she does not have any accounts on well-known social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Kyra Monique Kotsur posing with her father, Troy Kotsur and her mother, Deanne Bray along with their pet, Stellaaa.
Kyra Monique Kotsur posing with her father, Troy Kotsur and her mother, Deanne Bray along with their pet, Stellaaa. Image source: Instagram

Additionally, she is now not active on Linkedin or Wikipedia. However, we are aware of her father’s Instagram account, @troykotsur. More than 68.7K people follow her on his official Instagram account. Additionally, she is now inactive on Linkedin and Wikipedia. Don’t worry, though; we’ll let you know if she soon starts using any social media.

Body Stats

Kyra Monique Kotsur has an almost flawlessly curvy form that is quite sexy and attractive to the sight. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) and weighs approximately 85 kg (180Ibs). She also has a lovely white complexed face and lovely blue eyes, which go nicely with her brown hair. Her exact physique proportions are still a mystery, though.

Is Kyra Monique Kotsur Deaf, Rumors or Real?

Since Kyra’s parents are both deaf, there have been claims that she is also deaf. She has no hearing problems, though, and can hear clearly.


Kyra Monique Kotsur with her father, Troy Kotsur who is holding a dog.
Kyra Monique Kotsur with her father, Troy Kotsur who is holding a dog. source:

Her parents claim that she touched musical instruments when she was a child, and as a result, they decided to allow her to pursue a career in the music industry. Additionally, when she was in kindergarten, she sang a lot of songs at the class performance. So it is evident that Kyra can hear, proving that the allegations are untrue. However, many people contend that this can still be a problem in the future due to her parent’s DNA.

What is the Professional Career of Kyra Monique Kotsur?

Since Kyra, the famous couple’s only kid, does not have hearing loss like her mother and father, she is not a celebrity. Since she grew up singing and listening to music, she developed a passion for it from a young age. Later, she invested a lot of effort in honing her singing abilities.

She won numerous school-level singing competitions during her time in school, earning her a number of medals and trophies in the process. She was therefore inspired by her musical accomplishments, and ever since, she has been quite involved in the music industry.

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