Laura Zazzara

Quick Facts

Laura Zazzara is a beautiful model and the ex-wife of Marco Verratti, a well-known Italian midfielder. The couple had known each other since childhood and dated for six years before marrying. The wonderful couple, however, chose to dissolve their relationship after ten years of marriage.

Laura has been the face of a number of fashion weeks sponsored by Amazon, Vogue, and other publications. She appears to be completely discreet about her personal life, however. Laura is currently raising her two lovely children in the United States. If you want to learn more about her personal life,

What is the Net worth of Laura Zazzara?

Laura Zazzara is self-employed and makes a fair living. She has not, however, revealed her total net worth. Her ex-husband Marco Verratti, who is an italian professional soccer player, on the other hand, has a net worth of $5 million.


Laura Zazzara
Laura Zazzara, ex-wife of Marco Verratti

Early Life and Nationality

Laura Zazzara was born in the state of Ohio, in the United States of America. Her precise date of birth is unfortunately unknown. Her expected year of birth, however, is 1992. She appears to prefer to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. Laura seemed to be living in the shadows. She hasn’t revealed any information about her birth. Laura, on the other hand, is an Italian national. She is a member of the white tribe. Her age, likewise, is unclear.

Apart than that, there are no data about her on the internet. Instead, it appears that she would not share much of her information with the rest of the world. As a result, facts such as her date of birth, religious faith, and other details are unavailable. Laura seemed to dislike being scrutinized by the public, thus there isn’t much information available about her. She hasn’t shared any of her information with the media.

What is Laura Zazzara’s educational background?

Given her age, she has finished a significant percentage of the focusing on a component. Regardless, no one is familiar with the institutions and universities that Laura Zazzara undoubtedly attended, just as no one is familiar with other personal details. It appears that she prefers to keep her personal life hidden from the public light.


How did Laura Zazzara start her career?

Laura Zazzara is a famous woman’s wife. She is, however, a stunning model by trade. She began her career as a model in 2006. Laura has a long history of working for vogue presentations and profile magazines. For a long time, Zazzara has cat-walked down the ramp for Amazon and ESPN. She has also done a few modeling jobs for both domestic and international businesses all around the world.

Laura Zazzara
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Is Laura Zazzara divorced?

Laura Zazzara was married to Marco Verratti, a well-known footballer. They’ve known each other since they were kids. They met when they were both 16 years old and fell in love. They chose to tie the wedding in July 2015 after dating for quite some time. Marco afterwards had a connection with Jessica Aidi, according to rumors. Regrettably, this resulted in a slew of controversies and rumors. After a series of events, the wonderful couple chose to divorce, and their marriage was declared null and void in 2019.


Does the duo have any children?

The couple had two healthy sons after their marriage. Tommaso Verratti, their first child, was born in 2014. Andrea Verratti is the name of the other child. The family appeared to be content until they chose to break their marriage.

Who is Marco Verratti?

Marco is an Italian midfielder who is well-known. On November 5, 1992, he entered the world. Fabrizio Verratti and Lidia Cremonese are his parents. He had a strong desire to play football since he was a child. Eventually, he made the decision to pursue football as a career. He is presently a member of the Paris Saint-German F.C. He is Laura Zazzara’s ex-boyfriend.

Laura Zazzara
Source: Purepeople Laura Zazzara with her family.

How do we connect to Laura Zazzara?

The lovely model appears to be a whiz with the internet. She uses the handle @laurazazzara on Instagram, where she has roughly 47 photos. Regrettably, she has kept her account secret, despite the fact that she has over 40k followers. She also goes by the handle @laurazazzara on Twitter and Facebook. She’s made a number of posts. She does not appear to be as active on Twitter as she is on Instagram.

Laura Zazzara is a lovely model with a pair of beautiful earthy eyes. Similarly, her natural hair color is dark brown, but she dyes it a variety of colors on a regular basis. Aside from that, there is no information about her physical characteristics.