Leianesse Kramer

Quick Facts about Leianesse Kramer

Full Name Leianesse Kramer
Nationality American
Father Name Eric Allan Kramer
Mother Name Kim Addrisi

You might refer to it as either an advantage or a drawback. However, there is a good probability that someone who is linked to a celebrity will also become one. This situation is exactly the same because Leianesse Kramer gained renown as the child of actor Eric Allan Kramer from the television series “True Romance.”

How much is the net worth of Leianesse Kramer?

Leianesse Kramer, the second daughter of multimillionaire Eric Allan Kramer, lives a luxurious existence. She has plenty of money since she can eat anything she wants and go wherever she wants. But in contrast to her famous father, not much is known about her. She actually leads a quiet life away from the media circus.

Leianeese Kramer’s net worth hasn’t been made public, however it is currently estimated to be $200,000. On the other hand, as of May 2020, her father, Eric Allan Kramer, had an astounding net worth of $2 million. The seasoned actor’s numerous television roles in shows like “Big Shots,” “The O.C.,” and “Good Luck Charlie” contributed to his enormous wealth.

There is no indication of what Leianesse is actively pursuing as a career. Although she occasionally appeared alongside her father on TV, little is known about her long-term goals. She may follow in her father’s footsteps and rise to such heights in the entertainment world, but only time will tell.

Leianesse Kramer’s Mother Passed Away

In 2017, Kim Addrisi, the mother of Eric Kramer’s on-screen daughter, passed away, causing her much heartache. In 1984, the Journeyman makeup artist joined Local 706 as an Associate. She later advanced through the ranks to become a Trainee on the Roster in 1991 and passed the Journeyman test.

Leianesse Kramer lost her mother Kim Addrisi in 2017. Source: Members Local

Leianesse’s late mother had a distinguished acting career, appearing on popular dramas like “Days of Our Lives,” “Santa Barbara,” and “Nashville.” She was survived by her husband Eric, mother Joana, brother Mark, and sister Tamara at the time of her death. Similar to this, she was attended by her three daughters, including Leianesse, right up until the very end.

Leianesse Kramer is the reason why Eric Allan Kramer named his daughter. Rumor has it that Eric Allan Kramer married James Bonci, his second wife, in 2013 to put the past behind him. The information is not very credible, though, as he once even mocked the accusations in a tweet.

Speaking about what is real, it is his bond with Leianesse Kramer, his daughter. Eric Allan Kramer  welcomed her shortly after their marriage along with his ex-wife Kim Addrisi. He reportedly chose names for all of his daughters from places that were meaningful to him and his on-screen wife in “Good Luck Charlie.” He chose Leianesse’s name in honor of Guinevere’s hometown as a result.

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