Leilene Ondrade

Leilene Ondrade is a Canadian actress. model who is known as the contestant of Flavour Of Love

Quick Facts of Leilene Ondrade

Short Profile
First Name Leilene
Last Name Ondrade
Profession Reality Star
Age 42 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date October 18, 1976
Birth Place Canada
Country/ nationality Canada/ Canadian
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Libra
Height  170 cm
Net worth  $1 million

In the 2008 motion picture Hotel California, Wendy was portrayed by Canadian actress Leilene Ondrade. She has also performed as a model for numerous photographers and publications, including Fit Beauties Magazine.

Ondrade was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on October 18, 1976. She was born under the sign of Libra, according to the zodiac. Ondrade attended the National Ballet School in Toronto for her studies. Her early life and parents are still a mystery.

How much is the net worth of Leilene Ondrade as of 2022?

Leilene Ondrade has a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her extraordinary wealth, which is thought to be over $1 million. She has accumulated this wealth from a variety of sources, but primarily from the entertainment industry.

Well known Canadian Reality star Leilene has $1 million net worth with her, image; Celebrities Lists.

Before beginning a modeling and acting career, she worked as a makeup artist. She has made money by modeling for photographers and publications. Ondrade has also had appearances in WWE Raw and other other reality television programs, including Flavor of Love and Charm School, which has benefited her financial situation.

She finished second in Charm School and was given a $10,000 check.

Ondrade is living a nice and opulent lifestyle thanks to her wealth, as seen on her Instagram.

Relationship Status of Leilene Ondrade

After an unfortunate relationship, Leilene Ondrade is now a single woman. She only wants to concentrate on her profession at this moment and does not want to be in a relationship.

Leilene Ondrade with Flavor Flav with whom she was supposed to go on a date and Other Contestants
source: The Sun

Ondrade might reconsider her decision, though, if she finds a match she believes will make a good partner for her. She leads a very private life, as previously noted, and doesn’t talk about her personal life, therefore it is unclear if she is dating anyone.


Ondrade is unfortunate in relationships because she has never been in one for a very long time. After three years of cohabitation, her previous marriage to Antoine Vu came to an end.

In 2010, the former couple successfully planned a holy ceremony in which they exchanged vows in front of their family and friends.

She has not provided any information on why she stopped her relationship, thus it is unclear why. It was later discovered that her ex-husband, with whom she had children and had been married for a number of years, had told her, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

Ondrade claims that despite his current marriage to another woman, he is a wonderful father. The previous couple now gets along well.

Being a Single Mother and Raising Children

Ondrade and Antoine Vu are parents to three of their children. As a single mother, she is responsible for parenting kids alone. This portrays her as a self-sufficient lady who can handle herself.

Ondrade is working very hard to give her children a better life even if she hasn’t yet revealed them to the outside world.

TV job to get away from her harsh reality

As a Flavour of Love candidate, Ondreda discussed her romance and other personal matters in an interview. She had previously stated that she was coping with the negativity and misery brought on by losing her mother and quitting her marriage.

She made the decision to be on the show where she could set all of her problems aside and simply live in the moment in order to escape this sadness and the harsh reality.

Leilene As a Model

Leilene joined a modeling agency and began working as a model after quitting her job as a makeup artist. She came into numerous models while working on a photo shoot in the Dominican Republic, and she quickly grew annoyed with their demeanor.


In addition to posing for magazines like Fit Beauties, she performed in music videos for musicians like Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri. Ondrade took part in a National Lampoon candid photo shoot in 2005 and came in last place in the National Lampoon Strip Poker competition (fifth).

Ondreda’s Daughter Wants To Be A Singer

Ondreda claims that her daughter wants to pursue a profession in singing. She wants to participate in activities that will advance her singing career and recognition.

She continued by saying that her daughter had plans to attend programs like American Idol, The Voice of America, and others of a similar nature.

As An Actress

After being chosen for the Power Play role, Leilene Ondrade began her acting career in 1998. She then made an appearance in 1999 in Detroit City.

Odyssey 5, PlayMakers, Hotel California, Killer Hoo-Haa, and other works are examples of her other work. She has seven acting credits to her name during the course of her career.

Reality Shows And TV works

Ondrade became well-known as a consequence of her involvement in several reality TV series. In January 2006, Ondrade had a guest appearance as “Smiley” on the show Flavor of Love.

Ondrade was one of the top eight candidates for the WWE Diva position. Leyla Milani was referred to as Alexis throughout the competition because WWE thought the other participant had a name that was too similar to her own.

After two weeks, Ondrade was the first contestant to be ejected. After being eliminated, she posted a poem online that showcased her wrestling industry knowledge.

Taste Of Love

In 2006, Ondrade made his Flavor of Love debut as smiling. While she was on Flavor of Love, she quickly became Flav’s favorite and was given the opportunity to go on both a group date and a single date with him. She died when she realized she still had affections for her ex-husband.

Smiley was expected to receive her clock during that night’s elimination, but when Flav learned, she was eliminated in episode 6. Her position overall was fifth.

She had worked as a Makeup Artist before came to fame

Makeup artistry was how Ondreda began her career. She used to transform many models. She afterwards went on to work for herself as a model.

Also she used to see herself in their shoes while working as a makeup artist, posing for various magazines, which she eventually did.

Leilene Enjoys the Travel

Leilene , the Killer Hoo-Haa! actress, enjoys exploring new places and trying out local cuisine. She adores living different lifestyles and unwinding in scenic locales to enjoy existence.

She has shown her friends and families photos of herself taken in many exotic locations. When Ondreda is traveling, she always appears joyful.

Physical Description of Leilene ondrade

The gorgeous model in Fit Beauties Magazine has a wonderful physique and an angelic countenance. She can captivate any man with her charms. Her captivating hazel eyes and magnetic personality are positives. She has dark brown hair as well.

Sexy and beautiful Canadian Reality Star, Image; Celebnetworth.net.

She is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall, or 170 centimeters. She has a thin, average-sized figure.

Social Media Presence of Leilene Ondrade

Ondrade has set her social media account to private because she wants to lead a quiet life. But she does have active accounts on all the main social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram.

She has more than 18.1k followers on Instagram with the handle @leileneonline. Her Instagram feeds are private, so only those who have followed her may see what’s posted there.

Ondrade can also be found on Twitter, where she posts messages on her art and various other subjects. Her Instagram account has a lot more followers than her Twitter account, which has the username @leileneonline.

Her official Facebook profile has 3.4k followers in addition, although she doesn’t seem to be active there.