Levy Tran

We’re going to talk about an amazing woman today. She’s a stunning model with several tattoos all over her body. Levy Tran, 39, is an Asian-American model best known for her role as Roenick in the 2018 film The First Purge. She has also accumulated a sizable net worth as a result of her job.

Levy is also known for her roles as Desi Nguyen in the 2016 TV series MacGyver, as the race starter, and as a tattooed model in the 2015 film Furious 7, and as the race starter and a tattooed model in the 2015 film Furious 7. So you might be interested in learning everything there is to know about this stunning actress. Keep an eye on us!

Salary and Net Worth of Levy Tran

Levy Tran, a skilled actress, has a net worth of $1.5 million. Her acting and modeling careers have paid off handsomely for her. Her film, Furious 7, was a box office success, generating $1.5 billion worldwide on a $190 million budget. She starred alongside Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and others in the picture.

In addition, Tran’s film The First Purge, in which she played Roenick, grossed $137 million at the box office despite having a total budget of only $13 million. Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, and Steve Harris star in the film. After starring in a number of popular films, Levy must have amassed a sizable net worth as a result of her successful career.

Levy has 25.7k subscribers on his self-titled Youtube channel. She is, however, inactive on her channel and does not upload videos. If she posts videos to her YouTube channel, she will undoubtedly increase her capital. Aside from that, Levy has over 249K followers on her Instagram account, helloformlevy. So there’s no doubt that she earns a lot of money from advertisements and brand promotions on Instagram. She is also a passionate dog lover who owns a Dachshund that she adores. She doesn’t leave the house without it. The cost of a Dachshund ranges from $200 to $3500.

Bio/Wiki of Levy Tran: Parents and Sister

Levy Tran was born Vy Le Tran in San Jose, California, to Vietnamese parents on April 8, 1983. Her parents came to the United States as immigrants from Vietnam. Chi Rulapaugh, Levy’s older sister, looks almost identical to her.

Levy Tran with her sister and dad, Source: Instagram
Levy Tran with her sister and dad, (Source: Instagram)

Levy appears to have a close relationship with her parents and sister. On February 21, 2019, she shared a nice photo with her mum on Instagram. Similarly, on Father’s Day, June 18, 2019, she posted a photo on Instagram. Levy has a Bachelor’s degree in child and adolescent development and is bilingual in English and Vietnamese. She is also a Mathematics minor. In 2011, she worked as an embalmer at a funeral parlor after graduating from college.

How old is Levy Tran? Age, Birthday & Zodiac

Levy Tran, who was born in 1983, is now in her mid-thirties. Levy Tran is 39 years old as of 2021. Every year on April 8th, she celebrates her birthday (birthday). Other well-known celebrities, including Vivienne Westwood and Robin Wright, had birthdays on the same day as Levy. In addition, her zodiac sign (birth sign) is Aries. The Aries sun sign is associated with boldness and ambition.

Who is Levy Tran’s Boyfriend?

Levy Trans is not married and does not have a boyfriend as of 2019. However, you may be surprised to learn that she was once related to actor Ryan Reynolds. Levy Tran, 36, may be involved in a secret relationship that she refuses to reveal to the public. She is most likely single at this time, and her relationship status is unknown. Her love life has been kept a closely guarded secret. She has, however, had romantic encounters in the past. Tran has posted numerous photos of her male pals, but she has not demonstrated that she is in a relationship. In 2013, she had a boyfriend. On July 16, 2013, Tran tweeted that she was having lunch with her beau in Westwood. Tran, on the other hand, has not revealed the identity of her boyfriend or stated whether or not she is still dating him.

Tattoos by Levy Tran

After looking through several of Levy’s Instagram and other social media accounts, we can see that Tran’s body is covered in tattoos. Despite the fact that she hasn’t said anything about her tattoo. It looks fantastic on her. Levy, on the other hand, is a foodie who enjoys trying new cuisine with her family and friends.

Levy Tran has got some cool tattoos, Source: Instagram
Levy Tran has got some cool tattoos,( Source: Instagram)

Her favorite tattoo on her body is her zombie tattoo, she said. She does, however, regret her first tattoo, which she received when she was 18 years old. “I want to launch a time of new-age housewives where you have women with coloured hair, piercings, and tattoos who are very traditional in a house kind of setting,” she said at one point. She also enjoys Italian cuisine, with pizza and pasta being her favorites. She enjoys going to new places and listening to music. Aside from that, her favorite color is red, and her favorite vacation spot is Miami.

Sense Asian had an interview with Miss Levy Tran

Levy Tran began her career as a kindergarten teacher and then went on to Mortuary College. Later on, she began modeling and has worked for top companies such as Bizarre, Inked, and Tattoo Life. She was also known as Goldfish during her professional career. In 2012, Tran appeared as a guest on the MTV2 series Guy The Code. In 2015, she had an outstanding cinema debut in the film Furious 7. Both monetarily and critically, the picture was a big hit. Tran thereafter appeared in other films, including Female Fight Squad and The Unwilling.

In 2018, she also starred in her own film, The Silk Road. She starred alongside Jeremy Allen White, Emily Rossum, Justin Chatwin, and Emma Greenwell in the comedy-drama series Shameless from 2017 to 2018. She starred in the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House in 2018. Similarly, she co-starred with Lucas Hill in the action-adventure TV series MacGyver as Desiree “Desi” Nguyen.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements of Levy Tran

Levy Tran, 36, is an actress and model who has had a great career. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 57 kilograms. With her black hair and chocolate eyes, she is stunning. Levy stands at a respectable height of 1.67m (5 feet 6 inches) and weighs 125.6 lbs. Her body measurements are 33-24-35 inches, as well. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with what she’s up to.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Levy Tran
  • Date of Birth: 1983 /04 /03
  • Nickname :Goldfish
  • Marital Status :Unmarried
  • Birthplace :San Jose, California, United States
  • Ethnicity :White
  • Profession :Actress and model
  • Nationality: American
  • Eye colour :Brown
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Build :Slim
  • Height :1.67m (5 feet 6 inch)
  • Weight: 125.6 lbs
  • Online Presence: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Horoscope :Aries
  • Net Worth ;$1.5 Million


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