LostNUnbound is a YouTube gamer and game commentator from the United States, best known for his self-titled channel. LostNUnbound is a sports gamer who primarily plays NBA 2K and Madden content.

How much is the net worth of LostNUnbound?

LostNUnbound’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million dollars. His YouTube channel is worth $483,000 on its own. LostNUnbound has published over 1,400 videos on its channel, which have received over 547 million views. LostNUnbound publishes 3 new videos per month on average, generating 240k video views and 86 new subscribers per day.

Age, Parents, and Ethnicity of the LostNUnbound

On July 8, 1998, LostNUnbound was born in New Jersey, United States. Greg Fuller is his real name. He is of mixed ethnicity (British-Germanic-Latin).

He will be 23 years old in 2021. Her zodiac sign is also Cancer.

He has not shared any information about his family background, including his father, mother, and siblings, to date. In addition, information about his academics is kept under wraps.

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Height and weight are two of the body’s measurements.

This YouTuber has brown hair and brown eyes. He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs a healthy amount.

In terms of appearance, he has an innocent expression within an oval-shaped facial stricture. He also prefers to be clean-shaven.

Childhood and Early Life of LostNUnbound

NUnbound, who was born on July 18, 1998, is now 22 years old. His real name is Greg Fuller, and he is from New Jersey. Similarly, his zodiac sign is Cancer. He doesn’t really talk about his personal life on the internet, including his parents, siblings, and other family members. However, he is known to be a devout Christian. Similarly, he frequently posts Biblical quotes alongside his internet posts.

LostNUnbound has also yet to reveal anything about his educational journey. However, given his age, we can assume LostNUnbound is a university student, unless he has decided to discontinue his studies in order to focus on his professional life.

Professional Career of LostNUnbound

LostNUnbound works as a social media personality. He is primarily a sports gamer for his popular YouTube channel, specializing in NBA 2K and Madden content. He started his YouTube channel on June 7, 2011, but did not post anything until later. Similarly, his channel has over 1.69 million subscribers.

Furthermore, on July 9, 2013, LostNUnbound uploaded his first YouTube video, titled ‘NBA 2K14 Player Rosters for NBA 2K13.’ The first few videos on this channel were on ‘NBA 2K14,’ but he quickly began posting gameplay videos of ‘Madden NFL 25.’

After a few months, LostNUnbound was integrated into the TGN network. It provides a platform for new YouTubers to grow. After a few months, LostNUnbound returned to ‘NBA 2K14’ and began posting videos on ‘FIFA 14: Ultimate Team.’

LostNUnbound’s More YouTube Information

He is also friends with fellow NBA 2K gamer NickTheBullsFan. He is a die-hard NBA fan who cheers on the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association. While he primarily posts gameplay videos for the NBA 2K and Madden series, LostNUnbound also posts fan reaction videos to events at his favorite NBA team on occasion.

On July 4, 2016, a video titled Thunder Fan Reaction to Kevin Durant Signing with the Golden State Warriors was published. It went viral on the internet and helped him gain media attention. Several other NBA fans posted their reactions to his rants, and a portion of the video was also aired on ESPN.

LostUNbound continues to post videos on later iterations of the NBA 2K and Madden series, as well as other video games such as FIFA 14: Ultimate Team. He also posts challenge videos, videos of himself playing outside, reaction videos to NBA games, and other content.

LostUNbound created a second channel, “LNUPlays,” in November 2015, to post random games and funny challenges, but the channel appears to be inactive since November 15, 2015, with only five videos shared. Aside from that, he has a channel called “LNU” that he started in 2019. However, at the time of writing this biography, this channel had no content.

LostNUnbound’s Controversy

While the viral video of LostNUnbound’s rants and subsequent social media interactions increased his popularity and notoriety, he also faced a lot of criticism in mid-2016 for paying his editors less than their hourly rates. The incident came to public attention after Anthony, aka “Prince Prodigy,” accused him of paying insignificant fees for his services and failing to give him due credit. Anthony is a YouTuber and one of the people who edited videos for LostNUnbound at one point.

Anthony revealed that he was only paid about $15 per video edited. In response, another ‘NBA 2K17′ YouTuber named JesserTheLazer stated that, given the amount of money LostUNbound earns from YouTube, he should have paid at least $300 for each video.

Soon after, more people began to reveal similar experiences in which LostUNbound either paid them low fees or even had them work for free while continually delaying promoting the other YouTuber’s channel. Given LostNUnbound’s large number of subscribers, many other aspiring YouTube gamers and commentators hoped to collaborate with him in order to gain exposure.

While using their services, LostNUnbound refused to promote their channels in exchange for very low, if any, fees. This quickly spread, with some of the editors, as well as other YouTubers, joining the chorus against him. LostNUnbound is also known for using click-bait thumbnails and misleading titles on his videos. He has specifically posted numerous videos in which he allegedly pranks his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that he has never been in a relationship.

Responding to the Charges

LostNUnbound eventually posted a video claiming the claims were false. He clarified that he paid $15 for partial edits, not full video work.

Similarly, he claimed that the majority of the work was completed a long time ago, when he was not a well-known YouTuber making a lot of money. LostUNbound also posted another video debunking claims that he stole ideas from other YouTubers’ videos. However, the videos he posted on such subjects have since been removed.

Caption: LostNUnbound (source: Distractify)

Relationship Situation of LostNUnbound

LostNUnbound is most likely single right now. LostNUnbound hasn’t revealed much about this problem. Similarly, LostNUnbound hasn’t shared any social media posts that could hint at his current relationships or affairs.

Body Dimensions of LostNUnbound

LostNUnbound stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. However, his weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, biceps, dress size, shoe size, and other body measurements are not available. Similarly, LostNUnbound has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Social Media of LostNUnbound

In terms of social media, LostNUnbound joined Twitter in July 2013. On his @LostNUnbound account, he has 129.6K followers. His Instagram handle is @lostnunbound, and he has 57 posts, 124k followers, and 57 shares.

On June 8, 2011, he also launched a YouTube channel called “LostNUnbound.” This channel has received 547,781,639 views and 1.69 million subscribers since then. For further information, please contact him at [email protected]

Moving on, LostNUnbound’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million dollars. His YouTube channel is worth $483,000 on its own. LostNUnbound has published over 1,400 videos on its channel, which have received over 547 million views. LostNUnbound publishes 3 new videos per month on average, generating 240k video views and 86 new subscribers per day.

Quick facts:

Full Name: Greg Fuller
Born Date: 18 Jul, 1998
Age: 23 years
Horoscope: Cancer
Lucky Number: 7


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