Margaret Warner

Quick Facts about Margaret Warner

Full Name Margaret Garrard Warner
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1951/2/12
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States
Horoscope Aquarius
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight

Given the stress and responsibility that accompany being a journalist, it is not for everyone. Margaret Warner is a unique individual who manages to establish a reputation for herself and make a livelihood by toiling around the clock in the media sector, despite all the challenges and competition.

Without noting that she was a senior correspondent for The PBS NewsHour, her introduction would be lacking. Today, we’ll take you inside Margaret Warner’s personal life, financial situation, and profession. Margaret Warner has served as an inspiration to all women who have chosen careers in journalism.

How much is the net worth of Margaret Warner?

Margaret Warner, the senior journalist for the PBS NewsHour, doesn’t have to worry about money or finances. She specifically derives her enormous net worth of $1 million from her years of significant journalism contributions. There is no question that her work at the news station is the main contributor to her financial account. The wealthy lives a luxury existence surrounded by all kinds of contemporary conveniences.

Margaret Warner earned an estimated $65,531 year, which was the correspondent wage at PBS NewsHour, according to estimates. She must accept salaries worth much more, though, given the 70-year-extensive old’s knowledge and experience. She currently resides in a luxurious home in Washington, DC, where the majority cost over a million dollars. And she just left her position as the PBS NewsHour’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, which was a significant loss for the organization.


The Early Years of Margaret Warner

Regarding Margaret Warner’s early years, she was born on February 12, 1950, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She is the daughter of Mildred Warner and her husband, Brainard Henry Warner III. It’s interesting to note that her father was a partner in the Ogilby, Huhn & Barr legal firm in Washington. On the other side, her mother served as a trustee for the Washington, D.C.-based Corcoran Gallery of Art. In a similar vein, she is descended from the founder of the Washington Loan and Trust Company, which was merged into the Riggs National Bank.

Margaret Warner won the Emmy Award for covering the turmoil in Pakistan. Source: Whidbey Island

The correspondent for the PBS NewsHour received her education at the Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland. Later, in 1971, she received a BA, cum laude in English. She won the prestigious George Polk Award and the Emmy Award in 2008 for her contributions to journalism.


Margaret Warner’s marriage ended in death.

Margaret Warner is fairly outspoken about her career, but she tries to keep her romantic interests under wraps. She is currently in her seventies and single. The diva was previously wed to her longtime boyfriend who became her husband, John R. Reilly. Her beau served as a presidential counselor to a number of Democratic Public Party presidents and other candidates. She never talked about how they originally met and how they got together.

Margaret Warner lost her husband John R. Reilly to abdominal cancer in 2008. Source: MRCTV

In a small ceremony, Warner and her husband John R. Reily exchanged vows in 1986. The seasoned journalist was heartbroken when her partner passed away from abdominal cancer in October 2008 at the age of 80. They never had any kids together.