Mark Levin

Mark Levin, the conservative presenter of The Mark Levin Show, refers to President Joe Biden as the “Human Pandemic.” He also claims that the globe has become more hazardous as a result of the President’s presence in the Oval Office.

During Levin’s visit to Hannity, he criticized President Biden’s administration for causing multiple problems in its first 100 days.

Levin’s thoughts-

“Every single one of the crises you named was caused by Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the human equivalent of a pandemic… From the border to the currency, to inflation, to the price of food, to the price of fuel, to the price of toys, plastics, and steel—the list goes on and on. He has unleashed a Pandora’s Box of inflation, which will be difficult to close.”

During the interview, he also says that President Biden is the best president for the country’s enemies and that his presence in the Oval Office is sad.

Furthermore, Levin refers to President Biden’s “Made in America” tax plan as a “Marxist magic trick.”

Describes Robert Mueller as a greater threat than Russian President Vladimir Putin

Levin said in August 2018 that Special Counsel Robert Mueller poses a greater danger to the Republic and the Constitution than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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In his response to a special counsel who suggested he was a threat, he also stated that he is not a fan of Vladimir Putin while sitting next to Fox News host Sean Hannity. He further alleged that Robert is threatening to assassinate the American President.

Addressing Robert directly, Levin inquired as to what kinds of inquiries the special counsel might have in mind.

“You are a pawn of the media, a pawn of the Democrats, a pawn of those within the Obama administration who have worked to destabilize this presidency since day one,”

Similarly, Mark stated that if the President’s lawyer appeared in court, he would be able to smell the filthy game that Robert is playing.

Personal Life And Relationships Of Mark Levin

The President of the Landmark Legal Foundation was formerly married and had a wife, but they had to divorce.

Mark has managed to keep only a few tidbits of information about his former marriage out of the public eye. Kendall Levin, his wife, was a volunteer at a humane society and a homeless shelter. The couple has two children: Chase Levin, a son, and Lauren Levin, a daughter.

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Despite the fact that they had a family, Levin’s marriage did not last, and they divorced. However, the date of their relationship’s inception and dissolution is uncertain because Levin hasn’t discussed it on social media or in interviews.

In a flashback to his previous life, Mark is a married man with a new wife, Julie Prince. His new connection was evident on his Facebook page, where he posted a photo of himself with Julie and hailed her as his wife.

On February 25, 2018, he was also seen attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with his wife, Julie.

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Furthermore, we learned that his wife has a son who works for Ted Cruz. However, the couple’s wedding date and the identity of their son remain unknown.

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth=1957-09-21
  • Age=63 Years 8 Month(s)
  • Nationality=American
  • Profession=Lawyer
  • Zodiac Sign=Virgo
  • Religion=Jewish
  • Ethnicity/Race=White
  • Father=Jack E. Levin
  • Mother=Norma Levin
  • Brother/s=2
  • Son/s=Chase Levin
  • Daughter/s=Lauren Levin
  • Relationship Status=Married
  • Wife/Spouse=Julie Prince
  • Divorce/Split=Yes(Once)
  • Wedding Date=N/A
  • Ex-Wife=Kendall Levin
  • Gay=No
  • Net Worth=$5 million
  • High School=Cheltenham High School
  • College=Temple University Ambler, Temple University Beasley School of Law
  • Height/ How Tall?=1.84 m
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