Matt Ox ox

Matt Ox: Quick Facts

Full Name Matt Ox
Date of Birth 2004/12 /13
Nickname Matt
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Pennsylvania, USA
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Profession Rapper
Net Worth $150k

Matt Ox ox is one of those people who speaks to the town because he has accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Matt Ox is a well-known rapper who has amassed a large fan base because to his tracks’ tremendous Soundcloud spins. We’ll assist you all here if you don’t know who he is yet.

What is the net worth of Matt Ox ?

Matt Ox  has  age may be misleading,in terms of net worth. He has a $150 thousand net worth. In trap rap, cloud rap, and hip hop, he is well known. As a result, these types of music account for all of his earnings. We believe that his net worth will rise as a result of the numerous songs and new projects that he will release in the future.

Regrettably, we have no knowledge of his real estate holdings or where he currently resides. His remuneration is likewise unknown, but we will have it soon.

Age and body measurements

Matt Ox is 14 years old, having been born in 2004. He is 5’1′′ tall and has a slender build. His critical body parameters are kept hidden because he is still young.

Aside from that, he has lovely black hair and has been in picture shoots since he was a toddler because he has always been attractive.

Childhood and education

Matthew Grau was born in Pennsylvania, United States of America, on December 13, 2004. His mother’s name is Laurel, but the public is unaware of his father’s identity. His father, according to reports, committed suicide as a result of mental illness when Matt was a child.

Aside from that, he is of white heritage and is an American citizen. From an early age, he was a member of a number of well-known photoshoots.

Matt Ox was born and raised in Pennsylvania. From a young age, when his father committed suicide, his life was full of sadness. When this incident occurred, Ox was only two years old, and he was nurtured by his single mother from then on.

Despite the fact that he is only 14 years old, there is no information regarding his siblings, including how many were there for his educational background.She is a student who has been educated at home. He spends the most of his interview discussing how his mother has influenced both his academics and artistic careers.

Do you know about the Career of Matt Ox Mother?

Matt began writing raps and reciting them when he was eight years old. He was energetic from an early age as a result of his childhood disaster, and rap finally helped him.

He was a fan of Eminem and Marilyn Manson from the start and wanted to imitate them. He’s been published in publications such as The New York Times and XXL Mag since he was a little boy. This artist’s debut album, Pretty Penny, was published in January 2017. Matt Ox got his start with this record, which was a smash hit. Ox has also worked with artists such as Chxpo, Lil Tracy, and Swami Mags. OogieMane and Forza, among others, are well-known producers. His songs have all done well, but his smash hit Overwhelming was the one that broke all the rules. For the first time on Soundcloud, it had over 10,000 plays.

This artist is attracting the attention of major record labels at the youthful age of 14. Warner Bros Records unexpectedly signed Ox in September 2017. Youngest Coming Up, Messages, Athlete, Yeah Yeah, and other songs demonstrate his class more than his age.

This gifted musician faces a long journey ahead of him. We’ll do everything we can to keep up with his upward movement by bringing on new projects.

Relationship status

Matt Ox is just 14 years old, and he is far too young to be involved in any type of relationship. Furthermore, as he grows in prominence, his concentration shifts to establishing a career in music. He is currently single and making a name for himself in the rap game. We believe he will have a lovely relationship with time and share it in the open media as the years pass.

Social media

Instagram– 631k followers

Twitter– 29k followers

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