Maxima Chan Zuckerberg estimated Net Worth, Age, Affairs, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats, Salary as well as short Biography with top 10 popular facts!

Quick Facts of Maxima Chan Zuckerberg

Name Maxima Chan Zuckerberg
Birthday December 1, 2015
Age 7 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Parents Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan
Siblings August Chan Zuckerberg
Married/Single Single

Maxima Chan Zuckerberg is an American celebrity chid. She is the elder daughter and first child of Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg.

Maxima Chan Zuckerberg ‘s Mother, Priscilla Chan is a pediatrician, philanthropist, and co-founder of Facebook. Likewise, Mark Zuckerberg is a programmer, entrepreneur, and CEO of Facebook.

Trivia and Facts

  1. Maxima Chan Zuckerberg is a celebrity child. She is known for the name and fame of her parents, Priscilla and Mark.
  2. Chan does not have her own Wikipedia. But her name is found under both of her parent’s Wikipedia. Besides, not much about her is available on the net.
  3. Maxima is American since she was born in the USA. Moreover, she hails from a mixed ethnicity of Chinese and American descent.
  4. Zuckerberg was born on December 1, 2015. As per maths, she is 7 years old. Likewise, her birth sign is Sagittarius. Before she was born, her mother had three miscarriages.
  5. Maxima is enjoying her childhood. She is a cute little girl. Also, she is smart and intelligent like her parents. Similarly, the girl has a nice height and body for a 4-year-old child.
  6. Chan is too young to be engaged in a love relationship. She can not handle such things at this age. But she will definitely find a handsome guy in her future.
  7. Maxima is born to amazing parents. Mark Zuckerberg is her father and Priscilla Chan is her mother. Both of them are renowned personalities.
  8. The girl is blessed with a sibling as well. August Chan Zuckerberg is her younger sister since she came to the world on August 28, 2017. The sisters are growing together.
  9. Maxima should currently be enrolled in a pre-elementary school. She looks very active, energetic, and intelligent. But her academics are not yet revealed.
  10. Chan does not have her own social media accounts. But she often features on her parent’s accounts.

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