Melissa Highsmith found after 52 years | Who is her Kidnapper? | Age, Biography, Wiki, Career, Lifestory, Babysitter, News and Updates

Melissa Highsmith, who does not yet have her own Wikipedia page, has piqued the interest of the internet community. Many people are interested in what transpired and what her genuine tale was.

Melissa Highsmith has been gone for 51 years, since she was a newborn, and she has now been reunited with her family. The newborn girl’s disappearance had startled the neighborhood at the time. There were no hints that would lead to the whereabouts of the missing child.

However, after more than five decades, the missing baby girl was discovered and reunited with her biological parents.

Furthermore, the strange case piqued the interest of internet users, who wanted to learn more about Melissa.

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Wikipedia: Melissa Highsmith

Melissa Highsmith was born in America on November 6, 1969. She is 53 years old right now. Her mother, Alta Apantenco, and father, Jeffrie Highsmith, gave birth to her.

Her parents were extremely young when she was born. The couple had a love marriage but finally divorced. And the missing baby was previously cared for by her single mother, Alta, because her father had already moved out of their home to live with his mother.

The baby girl was kidnapped when she was 21 months old. (Source: Missing Person)

Melissa, on the other hand, was only 21 months old when she was abducted and nurtured by her kidnapper until she decided to flee at the age of 15 and live on her own. She was married to Mr. Walden when she was discovered.

According to accounts, the women had siblings named Jeff and Victoria Highsmith.

Where and When was Melissa Highsmith Found?

According to the New York Post, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) got information on a possible sighting near Charleston, South Carolina in September 2022. The caller claimed to have recognized the woman from digitally aged faces in NCMEC’s open cases.

Melissa Highsmith's Career & Life Story
Melissa Highsmith with her family after she was missing for 52 years, PHoto Via: Alpha News Call

The call, however, was ineffective. However, the father of the missing child decided to take a 23andMe DNA test, which linked him to Melissa’s children. After a quick web search, her Facebook page was immediately identified, and the two kids, Jeffrie and Apantenco, contacted the 23andMe connection and convinced her to meet.

Furthermore, according to the same source, the mother of the missing kid discovered that her daughter lived less than 20 minutes away in Fort Worth.

Who was the Kidnapper of Melissa Highsmith? Identity And Story

Melissa Highsmith was abducted on August 23, 1971, in Fort Worth, Texas. Her nanny, Ruth Johnson, was allegedly responsible for her kidnapping.

Apantenco, a single mother after the divorce of Alta and Jeffrie, desperately needed a babysitter to care for her little child while she began working as a waitress, so she placed an ad in the neighborhood newspaper.

Melissa Highsmith's Life Story
Melissa Highsmith with her Biological Mother, photo Via: CNN

The mother of the missing child hired Ruth, who later picked up the 21-month-old baby girl from the residence when the mother’s roommate was present. According to reports, the babysitter was well-dressed.

However, the babysitter suddenly vanished with the child and was no longer in contact. Alta reported this to the authorities, but she was unable to be located due to a lack of proof.

The missing girl was discovered alive decades later, thanks to the internet and DNA testing, enjoying her adult life unknowing that she had been abducted as a youngster. Melissa, according to sources, believes this is a miracle and is thrilled to be reunited with her family.