Michelle Alexandra

Michelle Alexandra Wiki, Bio, Sexuality, Age

Full Real Name Michelle Alexandra Roscoe
Name Michelle Alexandra
Nickname Mitch
Popular for Being a transgender model
Language English
School Name Local High School.
University State University
Education Graduate
Profession Onlyfans Model
Nationality British
Ethnicity Spanish/British
Age (as of 2023) 27 years old.
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Date of Birth In 1997
Place of Birth Manchester, United Kingdom
Net worth $ 850k USD
Current Residence America
Sexuality Transgender

Model, transsexual, and Onlyfans star Michelle Alexandra was born in 1997 and is now 27 years old. She was previously known to the world as a girl, but she came out to the public as a transgender model on January 9, 2023.She is a transgender girl who has been working as a model for many years, therefore yes, she is transgender. She transitioned into full-time modeling after completing her schooling. Her work on Onlyfans was largely responsible for her professional success.

What is the Michelle Alexandra’s net worth?

Michelle Alexandra did and her Onlyfans are where she gets her money from. Additionally, she made some money by endorsing a few tiny products on Instagram. As far as we know, she spent her whole income on international travel. She currently has a $850k USD net worth.

Childhood and education

Her real name is Michelle Alexandra Roscoe, according to Michelle Alexandra’s Facebook page. Her other name is Mimi Alexandra. When she was a child, her family gave her the name Mitch. In reality, Michelle’s family in Manchester, United Kingdom, welcomed her as a guy. When she was 4 years old, she learned the truth about her gender identity. She started to notice physical changes in her body, which led to her becoming a fully realized woman.

She used to behave like a girl when she was a guy as a child. Sometimes, despite her parents’ best efforts, she won’t behave like a girl. Later, she told her parents about the physical changes she was going through. Her current self was accepted by her parents. Michelle Alexandra always preferred having girly stuff during her childhood and never loved boys’ things.

She started her adventure at age 12 to entirely change herself into a female by taking drugs.

I’ve wanted to be a girl since I was four years old, and fortunately, my family has always been quite understanding. My father and brother have had a little bit more difficulty accepting it, but they have over time.

Family background

Michael and Jack Roscoe ,Source ; Instagram

Her brother and dad are a part of Michelle Alexandra’s lovely family. Mick Roscoe, her father, is now 62 years old. Sue Roscoe is the name of her mother. Jake Roscoe, her older brother, is 29 years old. Her father has experience working in the real estate industry.

The Tempus is a brand-new hotel that Michelle Alexandra’s father has inaugurated in Spain. Her mother admits to being a chef. Jake Roscoe, her brother, has worked for private businesses. He graduated from the University of Alicante, also known as the University of Alicante.

Relationship status

As far as we know, Michelle Alexandra has stayed in a different relationship since undergoing transition surgery and becoming a whole woman.

She said that since coming out as transgender, all of her former boyfriends—with whom she had previously maintained intimate relationships—have started threatening her.

Even several of her partners with whom she spent the night sent her death threats. Some of her former lovers are upset with her because they now believe that having an affair with her turned them gay. After publicly announcing that she is transgender in January 2023, Michelle Alexandra is now in fear for her life because she has been getting abusive texts from her ex-boyfriends. Many allegedly threatened to kill her.

She now fears returning to the UK since some of the men she goes out with have threatened to hurt her physically in the past. All users who are sending her death threats on social media have been blocked. When I was younger, I would date men for one or two days who weren’t really aware of me before moving on. Now that they’ve seen me emerge, they’re upset.

“Guys in my DMs basically saying, “What the f***,” calling me nasty things, and threatening me,” was the worst part for me. “They’re frightening me.”

Do you know about the Career in Modeling of Michelle Alexandra?

Michelle Alexandra, a model, is pursuing her career by appearing for well-known companies. She frequently commutes between Manchester and Ibiza thanks to her modeling assignments. She now has 25.3k followers on Instagram thanks to her modeling career.

As a model,Source ;Instagram

In addition, she is highly active on Onlyfans, where her videos and articles have received more than 7k likes. Her ultimate goal is to launch a podcast and YouTube channel where she can discuss transsexual life in an open forum. In addition to this, she just started a page called “Identity Together by Mimi.” where she’s letting folks tell their tales.

Social media

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Transformation of gender

Michelle Alexandra started taking hormones when she was in her adolescent years. She prevented her body from changing into a man’s body with the aid of hormones. When she turned 17, her family gave her the money she needed to undergo her first breast implant procedure.

Michelle Alexandra   changed her name to Michelle after she turned 18 years old. She then underwent gender reassignment surgery, which ultimately transformed her into a woman totally. Michelle Alexandra  then left for further surgery, a butt lift, and lip filler. She is wholly a lady at this point.

Facts & Trivia by Michelle Alexandra

  • She has traveled to a number of locations recently, including Verano, Croatia, Mexico, Ibiza, Bangkok, Bali, Phuket, the Netherlands, and Thailand.
  • Her thighs are covered in tattoos.
  • With her buddies, Michelle Alexandra doesn’t hold back when it comes to drinking.
  • She enjoys surfing the water.
  • Every time she goes to the beach, she enjoys drinking coconut water.
  • When she is at the beach or close to the water, she claims to feel happy.
  • The 16th of December 2021 found her in Dubai.
  • Zara is her go-to clothes retailer.
  • On her social media, she pushed the Lounge brand.
  • She has been accessible since October 2, 2019, on Instagram.


Michelle Alexandra: who is she?

She is a well-known model for Onlyfans who publicly came out as transgender on January 9, 2023.

What is Michelle Alexandra’s height?

Almost 6 feet tall, Michelle.

What is Michelle Alexandra’s age?

Age 27 is Michelle’s.

What is Michelle Alexandra’s net worth?

Michelle’s estimated US net worth is $850,000.

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