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Michelle Tidball otherwise known as Evangelist Michelle Tidball is known as a holistic mentor who came into the spotlight after renowned vocalist, lyricist, and music writer Kanye West chose to run for President as she will be viewed as his running mate.

At the point when Kanye originally declared the news nobody viewed it appropriately except for in a meeting, he was seen saying that he is intense about the administration. Michelle is likewise the proprietor of “Bountiful Services” which is an online book of scriptures study program.

It is likewise realized that she has accomplished a psychological well-being degree and a criminal equity degree. She can likewise be referred to as the minister and furthermore as a holistic mentor. She is additionally seen talking on her curch.


She considered emotional well-being and criminal equity in school. “I have different degrees in psychological well-being and criminal equity,” Michelle writes in her profile. “I functioned as a psychological wellness specialist for a very long time and afterward moved into life training. This appeared to be a decent progress helping individuals get ‘unstuck’ in their lives utilizing scriptural standards and astuteness.”

Who is Kanye Wests running mate?

He entered the political decision subsequent to missing in any event six states’ cutoff times to show up on the voting form as an outsider up-and-comer. West chose Michelle Tidball, a Christian minister from Wyoming, as his running mate.


Michelle Tidball is a holistic mentor and offers scriptural life instructing for $65 each 50-minute meeting.

As per her site, Michelle Tidball has different degrees in emotional well-being and criminal equity and functioned as a psychological wellness specialist for a very long time and afterward moved into life training.

Besides, she has additionally been engaged with practically all parts of service including talking, pastoring, supplication, and instructing.

Michelle Tidball lives in a similar town where Kanye claims his 4000-section of land farm. Furthermore, she likewise has video chats as a feature of her administrations as an evangelist, Forbes announced that she never watches the news.

Michelle runs the philanthropic Plentiful Services and its a book of scriptures study program. Prior, she filled in as a chief head of the Brilliant Fates Tutoring Project.

10 Realities About Michelle Tidball:

  1. Michelle Tidball is expertly a minister just as a holistic mentor who runs her own book of scriptures study program named Bountiful Services.
  2. As indicated by a report of 2020, she has now arrived at 57 years old.
  3. We are certain she lacks her own Wikipedia page yet however it is certain that she will get it very soon.
  4. She has not come before the media to discuss her better half and day to day life yet.
  5. This well known holistic mentor quickly came into the spotlight when the mainstream entertainer Kanye West presented her as one of the crucial individuals from his mission.
  6. The assessed total assets of Michelle is as of now being determined and will be out in a couple of days.
  7. There is not a lot to think about this woman yet we are certain she is there with Kanye to have an effect.
  8. As indicated by different data, it has been realized that Kanye West had not referenced much about her previously however now it has been demonstrated that they are completely connected with one another.
  9. We can’t get data in regards to her web-based media accounts.
  10. Likewise, we are not known to her folks and some other data identified with her remaining parts obscure to date.

Facts of Michelle Tidball

Name Michelle Tidball
Age 57 years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Preacher, Life Coach


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