Monika Diaz

Quick Facts

Name Monika Diaz
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Journalist
Education Florida State College of Communication
Twitter @MoniNews
Facebook @news.monika.diaz

Monika Diaz, she’s a writer. She serves as a news editor at KTXL FOX40. She’s from Sacramento, California, USA. It’s been more than two decades since she worked as a journalist and supported people by delivering news relevant to diverse factors.

She’s done a lot in her two decades of work, but now she’s looking to add as much as she can to the news community from her side. Monika Diaz began working as a writer on WSVN CHANNEL 7 in 1996 and today she is known to people as the News Chief of one of the well-known news channels.

It’s been six years since she worked at KTXL FOX40 News. In 2014, she joined this channel as Managing Editor, and with her zeal and dedication for her work, she entered this place where she is today.

10 Monika Diaz facts:

  1. Monika Diaz is an American journalist who is currently working as a news editor at KTXL FOX 40.
  2. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see her Instagram account since she may not be involved online.
  3. Also, she’s not present on Wikipedia, which is why we need to look at her LinkedIn account to find and read her profile.
  4. She looks young and is probably in her thirties, but we don’t know her exact age.
  5. Also its other statistics, including net worth and wages, has not been updated at this time.
  6. Since we don’t know whether she’s married or not, we’re actually unable to talk about her spouse.
  7. While she’s not present on Instagram, we will certainly find her on Twitter, where she has about 7,100 followers.
  8. It can also be found online on Facebook, accompanied by almost 1100 followers.
  9. She’s originally from Sacramento, California, so we can presume she’s an American.
  10. Monika had graduated from Florida State College of Communications.

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