Morgan O’Kane

The ex-husband of well-known American vocalist Domino Kirke, Morgan O’ Kane is an American singer and songwriter. He is a traditional musician who excels at playing the banjo. They Call the Wind and Nine Lives are two of his most well-known albums.

Birth Name Morgan O’Kane
Birth place Virginia, US
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Musician, Songwriter
Children Cassius Riley
Personal Website
Eye color Green
Hair Color Brown

How much is the net worth of Morgan O’Kane in 2022?

The entertainment industry has been home to the highly talented singer Morgan O’Kane for a very long time. He has amassed a respectable sum of money thus far in his career.

His estimated net worth is around $5 million, according to numerous credible online sources. His main source of income has been his musical career. You may also like to read Coffey Anderson

Childhood and Education

O’ Kane was born in the US state of Virginia. Before dating Kirke, he was a singer and composer who didn’t get much attention. His exact birthdate is therefore unknown and has been kept confidential for some sensitive reasons. Kane spent his early years and childhood in Virginia, where he now resides. Additionally, the artist has never shared anything about his parents throughout his career, therefore we don’t know anything about them either.

Even though the public is unaware of the specifics of the colleges and universities Kane attended, he completed his studies there. We do, however, know that he is intelligent and a huge fan of classic music.

Career of Morgan O’Kane

O’Kane is an accomplished singer and composer who has been around the music business for a very long time. He has spent his entire career attempting to recreate old-school music because he is an old-school music boy. Although he has a professional musical career, he prefers to sing on the streets and at events.

Kane is a fantastic banjo player who has become an expert at it. He had a banjo passion since he was little. He has released music on the labels MORGAN O’KANE and Dollartone throughout his professional career. His most well-known songs from his three albums, The One They Call the Wind, Pendulum, and Nine Lives, are Taker’s Creed, Hold Your Fires, among others. His own YouTube page and other outlets host the majority of his tracks.

Relationships of Morgan O’Kane

He previously wed Domino Kirke, an American singer and songwriter.

They first ran into one other in 2007 when Domino and O’Kane decided to collaborate on a music project.

After that, they began to interact more frequently and this led to a bond between them. After a while, they began dating, and after a few months of dating, they decided to say “I do,” but the precise date of their wedding is unknown.

Riley is the sole kid of his parents; he was born in the year 2009, following their marriage. Riley was just three years old when they chose to part ways in 2012. Until that point, they had been together. Although the cause of the divorce has not been made public, many people assumed that Domino was the one who desired it, although this is not proven.

Morgan O’ Kane with his son enjoying outdoor sports. Source: [email protected]

O’Kane currently leads a secluded existence away from the media. He has always been a reclusive person who dislikes receiving a lot of attention. According to what he posts on social media, he hasn’t been spotted so far with anyone questionable in his everyday life. He is therefore presumably single and not dating anyone right now. You may also like to read Coffey Anderson

Who is Domino Kirke, O’Kane’s ex-wife?

Cassius Riley’s mother, Domino Suzy Kirke, is an English-born American singer. Kirk was born on December 17, 1983, a year in which he was 17. She is of Jewish ancestry and was born in England. Her father gave her musical instruction, which was extremely important to her career.

When she was seventeen years old, she started her musical career when she was singing in a local bar and caught the attention of music producer Andres Levin. He then recruited her to perform for his label Fun Machine. After that, she teamed up with Jordan Galland to establish the band Domino. They then started producing music. They began traveling the nation with other bands and celebrities including Gang of Four, Lily Allen, and others after releasing their first album, EP.

Kirke started dating American actor Penn Badgley after divorcing Cassius’ father, O’ Kane, and eventually married and had a son with him.

Style of Living and Hobbies

Keep Your Fire Up O’kane, a singer, leads an opulent and opulent private life. He spends the majority of his time with his close friends, however he occasionally joins his son on adventures.

Cassius Riley Morgan O’Kane on their father and son hiking trips on 4 August 2020. Photo: @morganokane Source: Facebook

His hobbies include outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking, and hunting. He is an adventurous person who enjoys having fun in the great outdoors. He enjoys traveling a lot and has been to many different regions of the nation.

Instagram presence

The singer for Taker’s Creed is active on a number of social media sites, including Instagram and Twitter.

He is active on Twitter with the username @MorganOKane and has an unverified profile with 650 followers however the account hasn’t been active since 2016.

He is active on Instagram with the username @morganokane and also has an unverified profile with 4.3k followers as of June 2022.

Physical Qualities of Morgan O’Kane

O’Kane has a nice height, a handsome appearance, and an athletic build, however his exact height and weight haven’t been made public.

He has an athletic build and has kept himself in shape, most likely with the help of numerous outdoor activities. We are unable to see through to his true body measurement. He has unusual green eyes, and his hair is brown.

Morgan O’Kane rumours

Since his divorce from Kirke, private individual Morgan O’Kane has been leading a peaceful life. He rarely appears in news stories about him and has little to no media presence.

So far in his career, there haven’t been any rumors about him that have attracted public notice.


a quiet, caring individual who dislikes becoming too engaged O’Kane has never been known for being contentious. He is not interested in such pointless obstacles.

Because of this, his name has not been the subject of any controversy thus far in his career.