Mouna Traore

Mouna Traore is a rising Hollywood talent. She is a successful Canadian actress and filmmaker in the entertainment world. She played Esther in the Netflix series Self Made and Jill in The Umbrella Academy in 2020. Many viewers admired her work there, and as a result, many others began looking for her. As a result, we have today’s piece for them.

What is the net worth of Mouna Traore?


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Many people have been curious about the finances of award-winning Canadian actress and producer Mouna Traore since she began making headlines. How much does she earn and how much money does she have? People are curious about everything; yet, her true fortune is hidden behind the curtain. Despite the fact that Traore hasn’t revealed any information about her earnings or finances, her professional history is well-known. And, based on that information, reputable websites estimate her net worth to be approximately $500 million by 2020.

Mouna Traore has a background in education.

Mouna Traore attended classes at the Young People’s Theatre for her schooling. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts and Science at the University of Toronto after graduating from the Etobicoke School of the Arts.

Mouna Traore’s Professional Career in Canada

Mouna Traore has been working in the film industry since she was a child. She first debuted on cinema in 2009, in the drama Da Kink in My Hair, when she played Essence, a supporting part. Next that, she landed the role of Serena Balfour in the TV sitcom Majority Rules the following year. That show featured her in nine episodes. Traore made another appearance in 2010, this time as Ruby in the Cra$h & Burn series. She also appeared in Rookie Blue (as Crystal Markes), Hemlock Grove (as Ali), In Contempt (as Vanessa Hastings), and The Umbrella Academy (as Jill) among other projects. Traore works in the film industry as a producer in addition to acting. She co-founded The Mini Films, a production business through which she has written and produced two short films. Adorn, Traore’s short film from 2015, received Best Narrative Short at the Montreal International Black Film Festival.

What is the name of Mouna Traore’s boyfriend?

The Canadian beauty Traore with her boyfriend, Luke Roberts.(Source: Instagram)

Mouna Traore is currently involved in a love relationship with her boyfriend, Luke Roberts. This information may be recognizable to those who follow the Canadian beauty on Instagram. The couple is upfront about their relationship and routinely posts photographs of them having fun together on social media. The couple has been together for a few years, according to Wiki Odin. Traore and Roberts, Traore’s boyfriend, have a deep bond and look adorable together.

Quick Facts about Mouna Traore

Full Name Mouna Traoré
Height 175cm
Nationality Canadian
Birth Country Canadian
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Ethnicity Black
Sexual Orientation straight