Muhammad Hifdzi Khoir

Hifdzi Khoir is an Indonesian singer and Youtuber. Hifdzi Khoir is famous for his native language vines and videos. Also, His songs are in the Indonesian language.

Hifdzi Khoir  is also an Indonesian standup comedian. He was a part of the 2014 Kompas TV standup Comedy. He gained popularity through the Tv Series. And recently, he has uploaded a music video of his own in his native language. Hifdzi also appeared in the Jakarta Standup Comedy show. Recently, he launched his own merchandise in his Instagram story.

10 Facts about Hifdzi Khoir

  1. Hifdzi Khoir (born on October 4, 1991) is an Indonesian standup comedian, Singer, and Youtuber. His age is 28 years old.
  2. Hifdzi Khoir’s height is still not on board. But, he seems to stand at a good height.
  3. Hifdzi Khoir has a proper Wikipedia page. For the curious reader, you might follow his Wikipedia page.
  4. Hifdzi Khoir’s relationship status is still an unanswered dilemma. He seems to be in a relationship as a girl appears in his Instagram and youtube channel. Still, the girl’s identity is hidden. But, those who follow Hifdzi’d social media might know about her.
  5. Hifdzi Khoir is quite active in social media platforms. He loves to entertain his audience through the short videos of his own. His Instagram has about 55 thousand followers.
  6. Hifdzi Khoir also has his own clothing collection for his fans. His fans can get that merch through Instagram order @Yenga_id.
  7. Talking about Acting, Hifdzi has worked in movies like Target (2018), Generasi Micin (2018) and Koala Kumal (2016). He is one of the best in the comedy genre.
  8. Hifdzi is also known as Vocalist and he has played several concerts with his band.
  9. Hifdzi Khoir has also been a part of youtube since his origin in the comic industry.
  10. Hifdzi Khoir’s friends and loved ones appear in his youtube videos.

Facts of Muhammad Hifdzi Khoir

Name Muhammad Hifdzi Khoir
Birthday October 4, 1991
Age 28 Years Old
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality Indonesian
Profession Singer and Youtuber
Parents N/A
Married/Single Dating
Instagram @Hifdzi_khoir
Youtube @muhammad_hifdzi_khoir